10 Signs that YOU are the “Basic” Bitch: How do YOU or Your Mate, SCORE?

Games of Narcissism.

One has to wonder just how fake females have become. As stated in this video, women have become the complete, total pretenders.

Pretend to be ‘caring’ when in actual fact they don’t, pretend to be a ‘fashionable’ (in their mind) vegan when in actual fact they are not. Probably more inclined to being more neurotic than actually being whatever it is they claim to be.

From pretending they actually give a damn about any other sex other than their own. Pretend they actually give a damn about anything else besides their own ‘feel-good’ factor.

Women have also been absorbing a plethora of goodies every time there is an election, as they will only VOTE for anyone that gives them MORE. They obviously need more of everything because, as we witness daily in the divorce courts “It is NEVER ENOUGH’..

Women can be seen out and about, shopping or waltzing from here to there, daily, always in public. One ‘assumes’ that she is doing something constructive, but in reality, all she is doing is feeding her own, unstoppable narcissistic urge to peer at useless, irrelevant objects that ‘might’ give it some sense of achievement. Something that may improve it’s emotive outlook. Hoping above all that the next purchase may be something to make her ‘feel’ better.

Pretense reigns supreme..

Maybe that effort could possibly be the last thing she even thinks about. As is mostly the case, she is akin to an automaton, with locked in automation. Habitually ensuring it’s endless pursuit in accumulating stuff that will find its way onto the pile of garbage in the back yard. It’s the activity, that is the most important. One must be seen belonging to that collective Hive-Mind of mediocrity, by pretending to be ‘busy’ plus it ensures topics of discussion can be had .

Complimenting each other is of course, Compulsory..

They also need to ensure that endless “STROKING’ each other with endless, insincere, compliments about anything from how good that fake hair colour looks to buying overpriced stilettos, with matching handbags, of course.

As we can hear, DAILY..

Unfortunately, they are frauds just waiting to be exposed. Wandering malls, streets and gigantic shopping malls designed to ensure that her narcissistic urge for purchasing ‘never to be worn or used’ items does not stop..

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