Abuse Email from Megan M. Lewis , Sarkeesian DENIAL..

When the Sarkeesian Claims, Fails, “EQUALITY” for ONLINE ABUSE. She’s Lying – AGAIN.

One does still receive these types of abusive outbursts whenever any particular patient has neglected to take their psychopathological medication. In this case, another loony by the name of Megan M. Lewis, email address being as follows – Megan Lewis <megan.m.lewis.3@gmail.com> . 

So do feel free to send this rabid, frothing, hysteric sow, some well needed advice on how to behave like a “human”, rather than a permanent patient that should be ensconced in a padded room. If that is not the case, SHE most definitely belongs in one. (DO NOT send any emails directly from your IP address as that would expose your IP sequence in the email header, to someone that knows how to find those things, interesting, heh!)

So let us compare the above lunatic with a response from another woman in the comment section that posted at about the same time, can you note the difference ?  

nelly debrah has left a new comment on your post “HERE COMES THE BRIDE, Sexploytation part 2“: 

“very interesting” 

Not ALL are raving, “feminit”, lunatics..

So apparently not all women are consistently psychopathic ranters. There are definitely some that can take criticism without going into full-on, rabid, hate-spewing fem-bot mode, like this one below.

This email, by the way, was sent directly via my blog’s email address. So I now have in my possession this cretins email address. This email rant follows the standard, usual moronity, mentality that prefers to use a “metaphor” to explain something or other. Akin to one of those ” I am not one of them” denial missives. But in this case, the owner of the organ assures the nickname for it, as it explains it’s attitude and existence, nicely..

All Lewis really does is demonstrate just how poignant, relevant and correct, one has really been.

Email from –
Megan Lewis <megan.m.lewis.3@gmail.com>

Go to hell you stupid sexist man whore

You’re so f*cking sexist you little b*tch!!! You met ONE American women! And know you think we all are selfish! You must be on lazy as* retard! So should I hate all German men because hitler was one? See my point idiot!

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