American Privileged Princesses No One Wants to Employ..

Unemployable American Women.

This demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt just how far those AWs have bottomed out. No one wants to employ their lazy arses. They prefer to employ “Foreign Women” instead. It is already a well known fact that the law states that Women have to be a percentage of the work force. Check that out on ANY government website. Also, when employed, they are preferentially listed for promotion. That is because those useless, narcissists demand to be so. Whenever they “FEEL” they should be promoted, they are. It is apparently their “RIGHT” to be treated as special entities that deserve far better treatment than anyone does.

Meanwhile, they wallow in self pity. Wandering the streets aimlessly, wondering why no one wants a bar of their selfish, self-serving, feminist driven narcissistic attitude, in the workplace. Those free-loaders are now relegated to the scrap heaps of history and they can now heartily thank “feminism” for completely destroying their lives as they use to know it. They can now sit in their one room bedsit, patting their cats, for company and wonder why they wallowed in that hate movement’s moronity. Thoroughly believing that it has actually helped or assisted them in any way.

Ignorant of the fact that ‘feminism’ has deliberately, inch by inch, law by ever increasingly demanding law, made the very sex they claimed to be “helping”, turned them into these self-possessed, privileged princesses, made them all, UNEMPLOYABLE..

Well Done GRRLLLssss…

This is what happens when you place yourself on a pedestal while you vilify Men at every opportunity. How PROUD do you “FEEL” now ?

Foreign Born Claim All Job Gains Among Women Since Recession

All employment gains among women since the Great Recession in 2007 went to foreign-born women, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The number of foreign-born workers with jobs increased by about 1.4 million since the recession began, compared to a decline of 143,000 in the number of U.S. born women with jobs, BLS data on women 16 and older shows. (RELATED: Displaced American Workers Sue DHS Over Work Permit Expansion)
At the same time, the population of U.S. born women increased by about 4.4 million, while the population of foreign-born women increased by about 2 million, according to Census Bureau data from March, 2007 and March, 2012.
So even though the U.S.-born population grew by more than twice as much as the foreign-born population, they suffered a net loss of jobs, and the foreign-born population saw a big increase in employment.
The foreign-born population of the U.S. has increased 325 percent since 1970, and the Census Bureau projects it will reach 51 million by 2023, which would be the largest share of total population ever recorded in American history. (RELATED: Wages Declined As Immigration Surged)
And by 2060 nearly one in five U.S. residents will be an immigrant — largely because of legal immigration, not illegal immigration — an analysis of the Census data by the Center for Immigration Studies found.
Of the top GOP presidential contenders, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is the only one even talking about limiting the flow of foreign workers rather than increasing it. Republican Sens. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, are all pushing for more foreign workers and more legal immigration overall. (RELATED: Walker At Odds With Cruz, Rubio On Legal Immigration)
Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton said this week she wants to legalize everybody in the country as fast as possible and provide a path to citizenship for those who are here illegally. (RELATED: Clinton: Giving Immigrants Legal Status Will Make Job Market ‘Better For Everybody’)

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