Another Feminist cretin Spews ‘Super Bowl Prostitute’ MYTH: Teacher Union’s Randi Weingarten


Endlessly Generating ‘MYTHS’ is what feminists DO.

This explains why we have so many ‘FEMALE Only’ teachers in US Schools, with these male-haters in charge. Another example of women not giving a stuff about kids or education, for that matter. As long as they have their own in positions and paycheck, and keep sexually abusing under-age kids.

And YET. This very same feminist cretin Randi Weingarten can be blamed for doing absolutely NOTHING about the hordes of female teachers continually and without accountability (apart from the occassional slap on the wrist) sexually abusing under-age students while they keep right on employing more and more females to those positions.

Women have ZERO Credibility.

We have repeatedly raised the fact that MALE teachers will bring back the long lost standards and control that women are incapable introducing, even though they claim to be the world’s most ‘superior’ insert in the genetics pool. Since when is doing everything for one’s own selfish self-serving narcisstsic life, an assett. Ever since the feminasties began lying about females at such levels that any and all credibility that females MAY have accumulated over the centuries has just been tossed in the garbage bin along with the lies, misinformation and sheer nastiness they have projected for the last four decades.

The feminasties have also ensured that the old saying that ‘Women cannot be trusted” now reigns supreme in a plethora of ways, while they elevate themselves to an unsustainable lofty height that will make the fall a lot more effective as a wake up call. Not only has the feminist cretonia made wild and unsubstantiated claims that everyone can see straight through.
 They have also made it possible for the privileged princesses to be elevated and employed in every position they apply for and yet claim they did that on their own merit.

Give me a break. 

Since when is a law induced, politically correct,  “you have to employ a female or else face prison’, any type of ability apart from pure,self-serving and unadulterated narcissism. Too cowardly to compete on normal terms because they know they would LOOSE..

Nothing more than fakes and frauds..

Another lying feminist cretin Randi Weingarten. The SuperBowl MYTH….again.

Deeply Confused Teachers Union Honcho Moves From Ham Hoax To Super Bowl Prostitute Myth

In the span of less than two months, American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten has fallen for a very obvious, annually repeated Walmart Hanukkah ham hoax and an annually repeated myth about increased sex trafficking during Super Bowl weekend.
“The Super Bowl is one of many large public events that attract a criminal element who prey on at-risk youth for human sex trafficking,” Weingarten pontificated this week in a press release sent to The Daily Caller.
“Openly discussing the heinous reality of sex trafficking during a national event raises awareness of the problem and hopefully saves targeted, victimized youth,” she also declared. “The AFT is calling on Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and law enforcement and social service agencies in the Tempe, Ariz., area and along the major highways feeding into Tempe to be vigilant during this weekend’s Super Bowl activities.”
Weingarten further suggested that “human sex trafficking,” “a global crime,” “must be handled” partly by America’s public schools.
The Phoenix police department has ramped up its prostitution enforcement operation for the Super Bowl. However, actual empirical evidence fails to support the claim that the Super Bowl is related to a prostitution spike or any sort of human-trafficking increase. (RELATED: Phoenix Gets Serious About Crime Ahead Of Super Bowl By Arresting More Guys Seeking Prostitutes)

The union honcho’s Facebook post was based on an obvious hoax. flatly debunked the claim that Walmart is selling hams for Hanukkah — way back in 2009.
A retailer did offer “Delicious for Chanukah” hams back in 2007. It wasn’t Walmart, though. It was at Balducci’s, a (now-closed) snooty market in New York City, far away from Walmart’s usual flyover country terrain and, in fact, quite close to where Weingarten grew up.
Also last month, Weingarten, who makes $360,000 per year, issued a statement expressing her deep concern about the salaries of American teachers. The labor leader, whose impressive earning power puts her squarely in the top one percent of all Americans, makes about $300,000 more per year than a typical teacher. (RELATED: Teachers Union Fat Cat Lives In America’s Top 1 Percent, Expresses Concern About Teacher Pay)
In June 2014, Weingarten’s AFT swore to appeal a California judge’s decision in “Vergara v. California” gutting the state’s laws regarding teacher tenure and seniority protection. Judge Rolf Treu found that strict rules limiting how teachers are hired and fired disproportionately impact California’s poor and minority students, thereby depriving the students of their right under state law to an equal education. Weingarten argued that “full and fair funding” would turn bad teachers into good teachers and that academic performance would improve if only kids could spend more time in non-academic classes such as “music, art and physical education.” (RELATED: American Federation Of Teachers Vows To Force Crappy Teachers On Poor Kids)

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