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The question is, why are there no male escorts services around airports in the UK. Personally I think that there is plenty of scope for male escorts around airports. I worked for an international company for a couple of years before I joined Gatwick escorts, and I soon learned that sitting around airports, and staying in airport hotels, can be soul destroying. I think women need personal time with men as well, and airport escort services is just one way of providing that personal time.

Ever since I can remember, there has been Gatwick escorts services, but I honestly think it is about time we came up with some male escorts services around airports. You can date male escorts in central London, but most girls that I know, do not have the time to go into central London to date gents. They would rather hook up with some local guys, and have a good time. Personally I think that it is a bit discriminating that you cannot hook up with male escorts apart from in central London.

Is the British escorts service not as progressive as it would like to think it is? We often talk about the escort service in the London area being one of the best in the world, but it isn’t. Far from it in fact when it comes to escorts for ladies. We always seem to be in the back of the queue when it comes to escorts, and it is hardly fair on us. Gatwick escorts service provide all sort of exotic escorts for the gents, but we don’t seem to be able to come up with one single male escort.

Would starting a male Gatwick escorts service be a good idea.? I am not sure if it needs to be a specific escort service for males. Instead I think that you could mix and match rather easily. It is great to think that the ladies could pick up the phone and call for a bit of pleasure. Yes, you do get a lot of lady travellers, and at the same time, you get lots of lady pilots. Do they get lonely? I am sure that lady pilots get as lonely as male pilots do, and it is about time we started to think a little bit about the lady pilots. They may want to enjoy some down time with a hot gent when they touch down in Gatwick. To make the most of the escort industry, we need to learn how to be more diverse.