Ben Shapiro : Morality is the Left’s Buzz Word..

Feeling GOOD about Abusing Other People.

Ben Shapiro has been lecturing and pointing out that Socialism/Fascism/Totalitarianism is the curse and should be completely eradicated, removed and abolished. It does not work, it is that simple. Fairness, justice and morality does not exist in a totalitarian world. Those words are completely turned around and used to justify their fascist, life controlling actions.

Facts are USELESS.

Facts are completely ignored as they argue on a completely different level that exempts all the issues and make it all a ‘feel good’ factor, that they (leftists) can brag to their friends about. They can claim that they oppose everything they ‘FEEL’ is, in their opinion, ‘evil’. But they promote the exact opposite on what will actually fix those issues properly.

Chicago is a leftist hellhole.

Chicago is a prime example on how leftist control destroys the very society they CLAIM to help.

They want violence, they want discord, they want death and destruction, they want division between the sexes (feminism is cancer) because it justifies their claims of introducing new controls, new laws, in order to force people, everyone, to behave and act the way that they demand, at the point of a gun.

Everything is Political. Including sex, relationships, entertainment and SPORT.

They have loudly declared that “everything is political” like Sarkeesian bloviated at one of it’s so called “forums” that are completely saturated, without a single opposing, dissenting view. Populated by the very same tunnel-visioned, narcissistic decadents like self-promoted sexist bigot Sarkeesian.

Consistent Leftist Failures by Refusing to use Common Sense.

They are not interested in fixing anything. They are only making sure that everyone behaves and thinks the same way they do regardless of the consequences (See Chicago, the US after 8 years of Obama). Nothing else is acceptable. Which is why they have introduced that labelling system to sectionalise assumed behaviour and individuals. Because their feel good factor is paramount to anything else. They can blame anyone whose opinions are not the same. They can then claim that everyone else are just  racists, homophobes and xenophobes. They just want to shut you up.

No One Can have an Opinion except THEM.

 So their arguments are only to ever to divide and conquer society. They label everyone, as everyone is placed in some slot or another because they can then control the narrative regarding race, sexuality,  and anything else they can think of. That is typical female thinking. That is what females do and that is exactly how they behave. So leftist push the female thinking process and then demand that Men do the same.

Ben explains the way to attack these professional victimhood specialists by throwing back at them what they say and claim to be. They are actually just liars, deviants, weirdos claiming to ‘improve’ the world. Common sense, normal human behaviour are thrown out the window, as that is exactly what they are trying to do.

Ridicule and destroy all Men because they are that jealous of our abilities..

What a joke they really are..

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