Beta Male Faggotry..

Professional full-time FAGS, hard at work.

Beta Male Faggotry Enabled.

Behaving like a FAG excuses them from being a real human male. An act they are incapable of performing correctly. They have been desensitised by feminists to be like females, both males or females don’t want a bar of their inane childish behaviour.

Woosies and Wimps.

You have seen those fags, every time you look at another feminist “protest” image. Be it the “Walk a mile in my shoes” or those maniacal infantile efforts of dressing up as a “Vagina”. Personally, I refer to those imbeciles as just big pussy bearers, living their fantasy inside of what they are constantly chasing. They cannot work out why normal females avoid them like the plague they have become.

More Beta Fags demonstrating just what level of wimps they really are.

Behaving like Female Children, like little bitches, is their Dream in Life.

Pathetic excuses of human male parodies, parading around like children does not a man make. But those whimsical wises keep showing up and now they want to annihilate comedy. They want a nicer, prissy, non-“offending” version to emulate female comedians that have a completely dysfunctional concept of irony. The irony is what a joke funny and that explains why very few females are ever funny at all. Just BORING..

Bill Burr sets a few things straight, as he should. He would be one of the most recognised comedians that has made a living from successfully applying humour.

Here is some more about those pretend fe/male comedians..

From fivefeetoffury

Beta male standup comedy: ‘This niceness threatens to ruin a form of entertainment that has stridently avoided being declawed’

NYT almost good for something, articulates what I’ve been trying to say about so-called “comedy” for a while now — while still not getting why it’s BAD:

Almost immediately after his podcast went public, Burr’s assault was dissected by the very comedy nerds he disdained, on all the most popular comedy blogs and Web sites. In fact, the odds are good that many of his listeners are the “awkward nerds” he disparaged: devout comedy acolytes who perform semiprofessionally in supportive rooms where there is no cover charge and failed jokes are reliably greeted not with heckling or thrown bottles, but with a gentle round of polite applause. (…)
While club comedy had drink minimums and was confrontational and crowd-focused (many of those in the alternative scene also considered it homophobic, racist and reactionary, with good reason), the alternative scene prided itself on being autobiographical, quirky and tied much more closely to sketch comedy and character work. It didn’t pay well, but that was the point. Comics sacrificed money for freedom. (…)
I run the Humber College comedy program, a two-year diploma in comedy writing and performance, based in Toronto, where students study stand-up, sketch, improv, acting and writing.

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