Björt Ólafs­dót­tir : A member in Iceland’s Parliament Bares her Boob – #freethenipple..

The Feminist Stupidity of Björt Ólafs­dót­tir.

Björt Ólafs­dót­tir is your typical narrow-minded, male-hating, male bashing feminazy. A typical example of the type of female that trades common sense, real life situations for delusional feminist propaganda. Another feminist moron in parliament like Boxer, Gillard, etc. taking every opportunity to demonstrate just how thick, vacant and basically stupid they really are.

We all already know how ‘wimp’ get into office. They receive the free ride with copious handouts from fellow cretinous members, with males bending over backwards to allow it the highest possible priority to access and run for the seat as they do not want to be seen for the gutless, gormless wimps they really are. Women are given a free ride to the top everywhere you look and now they just take that for granted.

They have government department and corporations that frightened to utter anything like “what is your experience or what do you actually know ?”, they will instead just promote or employ them on their say-so alone. Whenever promotion time comes around, it’s all for women. They are the most talented, the best candidates and the superior model human being don’t cha know, they told us so.

The above candidate has gone through that exact same method and assumption that the current generation of no-nothing, it’s all about ME, spoilt, selfish females that feminism promotes. Self delusionism at it’s finest. A quote from this feminist cretin demonstrates clearly where the hate, male-bashing attitude has risen from – 

Björt Ólafs­dót­tir 

“This is to feed chil­dren. Shove it up your pa­tri­archy. #FreeTheNip­ple”

What these cretinous feminist DODOs fails to comprehend is that it is not the patriarchy, as the “Patriarchy” does not even exist as they have just made that up. It is their way of laying blame where no blame belongs. The Bjort cretin has failed to do some research or look around for some minor facts that would demonstrate the following and completely throw it’s accusation in the rubbish bin where it belongs –

It would have come across this pretend study. Even though it is falsely generated, it actually bares some semblance of truth to it. Like the fact men just love boobs and that they are seen as an arousal provoking part of the female anatomy. If that is the case, all those lunatics out there, the ones those leftists let out of the psych. wards in the late 80s(because it’s not nice, bugger the treatment), would not take much to get exited about. Very much like delusional feminists and their constant hissy fits in public.

Study: Staring at breasts increases heart health

“Sexual excitement gets the heart pumping and improves blood circulation,” explains Dr. Weatherby. “There’s no question: Gazing at breasts makes men healthier.” “Our study indicates that engaging in this activity a few minutes daily cuts the risk of stroke and heart attack in half. We believe that by doing so consistently, the average man can extend his life four to five years.”

This is what feminist do and the above, that vile and disgusting feminist creature spews forth outright LIES just to further it’s own delusional, anal, agenda. I have yet to meet a SINGLE male that has an issue or problem with female breasts. Every single one of them would stoutly argue that females SHOULD be allowed to flash off the tits whenever they want.

Have a look at this pathetic lot. This is the MOST they could scrounge up. HUGE Crowd?

The above photo demonstrates just how keen they are in having their fellow Dodos demonstrate their practical stupidity. Scrounge up a few of those vapid, ignorant teens and fill their ears with victimhood, lies and hubris, convince them to parade in some back street with their tops off. while making sure they have a camera handy. Pure propaganda. No different from those Girlie Mags.

Vapid Feminists Just Lie.

This is the way they LIE. Straight forward and in your face. They have zero principles, no dignity and completely, consistently, devoid of facts whenever they point their nasty little finger at males. The major issue that stops the tit exposure issue, that they are convinced is that important to promote, are actually women themselves.

Imagine you are a female approaching 40s and gravity has already taken hold and dragged the boobs southward, not a pretty sight, right ?
Imagine if your were continually exposed to young nubile, younger than you ‘girls’ with their structures still pointing upwards, that would really be the last thing you would want to be reminded of. The greatest pressure applied against flashing boobs in public is from women themselves as the majority would be grossly uncomfortable if it ever became law at the local swimming hole or pool that no tops are to be worn (for health reasons of course).

So there you have it. Cretin feminists just plainly LYING, while placing the blame for anything you can think of on Men and Boys (Without proof or a single fact). That is the level of complete bastards they really are. Utter, complete and total pieces of useless trash, that does not only deserve our ridicule but they should be dumped at the nearest trash dump, where they belong. They are not fit to be associating with normal people. They are a rabid scourge of gross proportions, for the pathetic excuses of humans they represent.

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