Black Mother “Dumps Cerebral Palsy Son in Woods for several days” in order to get some more C*ck..

The Privileged Black Female Population.

Police say a woman abandoned her quadriplegic son in the woods for several days to go visit her boyfriend in Maryland.
An arrest warrant has been issued for 41-year-old Nyia Parker, the victim’s mother.
She faces a number of charges including aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment and related offenses.
Detectives say this is one of the worst cases of neglect that they’ve ever seen.
“This kid is obviously a fighter. It’s just unbelievable how we found him last night. It’s just heartbreaking to see how another human, especially a mother, could treat him like that,” said Lt. John Walker, Philadelphia Police.

Black Women are the poster children for that hate movement that is referred to as feminism. Black women have adopted that “Male Hate” narrative and lifestyle, as their preferred lifestyle. The way to tell it is the way they ALL have some sucker paying their bills and are always with a child on their hips. One wonders if they are completely devoid of comprehending or even understanding anything about birth control.

Here is a fine example of the patronage these recalcitrants have been enjoying all their lives. Preferential treatment for those privileged princesses is nothing new.

Over the past four decades, black women have absorbed that mindless feminist mentality to such a degree as to be the most “Abortive” female on the planet.

Murdering the Black Population is the Leftist Aim in Life.

  • Since 1973, legal abortion has killed more blacks than AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and violent crime combined.
  • Every week, more blacks die in American abortion clinics than were killed in the entire Vietnam War.
  • Just over 12 percent of the American population is black, yet 37 percent of abortions are performed on black women.
  • Black children are almost five times more likely to be aborted than white children
  • The abortion industry kills as many black people every four days as the Klan killed in 150 years.

That particular action demonstrates quite a number of things.

1. Abortions are free and come with additional money vacuuming options as well.
2. They have a complete respect for the life of others.
3. It is cheaper to have an abortion than to pay around ten dollars a month to stop themselves from getting repeatedly pregnant.
4. They just love “C*ck” to such a degree as to make them behave completely reckless,  completely irresponsible and  totally uncaring, as the video demonstrates.


The major issues that Black Males face is the fact that they have already been raised by this uncaring monster. No wonder so many prisons are filled to the brim with black males. Single black mothers are just spewing them out repeatedly, without any responsibility, without a single care and in the hope that some other sucker will be hit with child support payments so SHE can just keep on behaving in the same manner she already has for decades.

in Higher Education, at least 60 percent of black students who get awarded college degrees are women. Black women make up 71 percent of black graduate students.

The video explains it a lot more, as it has been set up especially to expose these reckless black women as they go unabated and continue to dot he exacts things their mothers showed them how to do. Get pregnant as soon as possible and just live off some one else’s money. No wonder black women’s reputation has gone down the gurggler. They definitely deserve it as they have been completely ignored and babied for so long.

Tommy Sotomayer TV (link will give better access).

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