Black Woman Abuses Everyone at Applebees Eatery “Cause they serve Food SLOW”, Police to arrest..(video)

These TWO disgusting Black Women/ baby-mommas(ofcourse) were FIGHTING at a KINDERGARTEN. 

Whenever it is a VILE, LOUD-Mouthed individual, You can GUARANTEED it will be a BLACK WOMAN.

ANOTHER disgusting, vile, psychotic, loud-mouthed, BLACK female, once again demonstrating just what a VILE, DISGUSTING mess they really are..

for more See HERE..

 NSFW, as that very same stupid clown just will not STFU, while spewing all levels of stupidity. The OFFICERS CALMLY and Patiently go about their law-abiding BUSINESS of investigating this obvious stupidity.

An action that the MAJORITY of Black WOMEN are hopefully familiar with but I have great doubts. They are normally ignored for breaking the law. Including the automatic SPAWNING of kids in order to collect government payments, including every myriad of benefits they can get in order to avoid going to work or living any level of a normal life..

 What a waste of oxygen they really are..


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