Blonde Mexican Female: “I have Some Flowers for D.Trump” – yuk, YUK..

Maximum Stupidity in the Minimum Amount of Time.

It definitely takes all types, that for certain. The blonde Mexican leftist twit obviously thought up this “brilliant” idea. How DARE anyone do anything about stopping the horde of weirdoes and whackos walking across the border at will, creating havoc and chaos.

Has there not been wars fought against this level of moronity, remember the Alamo ?

The Lads just stand and watch this numbskull screw it up. Good to see that “Chivalry” taking a dive at last. With the exception of one old white dude of course. There is ALWAYS ONE..

Privileged Princess Left to fend for itself, finally..

 A woman tried to protest Donald Trump by delivering hundreds of the national Mexican flower to him Monday, but she failed miserably.

Stephanie Mercades brought 1,000 yellow dahlias to the Trump Tower

Lefties are of the opinion that no one should be held accountable for anything, especially feminists when applying that to the privileged sex. No one should be stopped from crossing any border just because they have a crime sheet longer than Mann’s lying Hockey Schtick claims, but there you go.

So they ended up in the garbage can. A well thought out plan, with it’s usual outcome.

I will just put this in the garbage for you. How’s that..

Change for Change Sake.

Indulging with their indefensible levels of cognitive dissonance and their pursuance of moronic “Change for Change Sake” mantras continues at pace. As they find even more stupid ways to force everyone else to do their bidding.

They are islands in the stream and definitely NOT mainstream.

They actually believe that changing anything and everything will lead to some utopian outcome but in reality, over time, when they interfere with any self-imagined “issues”, they completely screw it up or make it a lot worse than it originally was.

But leftists have NEVER considered any other level of thought that would require them to ponder outcomes. they have BLOOD on their hands but deny any accountability for their stupidity. Surely there should be a law in place that dictates that anyone directly or indirectly involved in the deaths, destruction of life, in any manner, should stand before a special court to justify their moronic intervention.


Outcomes are irrelevant. They want to be “seen” and to “feel”, like they have done something to change humanity without so much as giving any consideration to the people they harm and destroy.

They just do not give a damn about outcomes or longterm effects. That would demand some thinking time and that is not anything they bother with. If they were capable of it,  obviously highly questionable, it would change their entire outlook. They would have to actually give a damn about other human beings instead of deliberately destroying the lives of so many.

For their latest efforts – The VW Diesel Debacle promoted and hoisted onto society by environmentalists, because they wanted ‘CHANGE”. Well done, idiots and clowns.

When will they EVER LEARN?

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