Brazil Carnival : Women Objectifying Themselves and Loving it..

Oppressed Brazilian Women just hate doing this, you can tell. Don’t LOOK..

Flashing the Flesh is Part of the Female Psyche, always has been.

Oh, these Women look SOOOooo Oppressed..

The non-ceasing, puerile attacks from feminiasties consists solely of ‘Men” objectifying ‘Women’. Not a single word or comment or even a confession that women do the exact same thing to males everyday. That is apart from being constant and consistent body/bum perves, from way back. Ask any ‘honest’ female ?

The majority of women take that (being looked at and admired) as a compliment regardless of their hysteria stating otherwise (unless you is a FUGLY feminist that is). Such hypocrisy abounds in the feminist’s mindset, as we all already are very aware. Such delusional plods they are that they even refuse to except that women loves nothing more than putting on a show, ensuring their bodies are the centrepiece of attraction.

SO, who are they to try and stop them from doing just that ?

You Go Girl..

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