Cancerous Channel Four UK with feminist Bigot receives a Mental Readjustment from Milo Yiannopoulos..

Feminism is STILL CANCER.

Desperation has finally reached leftist lunatics as witnessed by all those ATTACKS from the very same people that claim they are all about “Love”, “Unity”, “Equality” and we must not forget “aromatherapy”, when in reality, they are freaking out as we see right here on this video.
Another example of Freaking Out.
It is a standard method of questioning that whenever the “host bitch” in this case, does NOT ALLOW Milo to make his views, public. Now why would that nasty piece of human offal not allow Milo to get a word in which way?


They are panicked about everything they have been forcing down our throat, without ANY INPUT. Input that has been screamed down, lives ruined for daring any opinion aside from their moronic nastiness, where people have been banned, physically abused, houses burnt down, businesses destroyed, life ruined, jobs lost and all for daring to not agree with their world destroying propaganda. 
Now they finally realise that it will be thrown onto the scrapheap of previous attempts at socialism etc., where it all belongs. 
One can only HOPE..

(f)eminism Has Always been about Shoving Leftist Propaganda Down your Throat.

All their pathetic PC, all their moronic reasoning about flooding all countries with rapist, murderous, violent, abusive freeloading neanderthals from third world countries. All their denials and the complete, deadly silence about women being raped, abused, tortured and stoned to death. Actions that lying feminist bigots CLAIMED to represent, will be trashed under foot due to their complete hypocrisy, deliberate denial and the final reality that feminism is not about women or rights or equality, it has always only been about pushing the leftist biased socialist agenda of whatever they ‘FEEL’ they should generate, promote and force onto the public without an ounce of culpability or responsibility or anything else. Allowing themselves to have that ‘soft inner warming glow of achievement of literally saving their own worldview’..

Socialism is Nothing New.

There has only been a few occasions previously on this planet where such moronic activity, such blatant hypocrisy and such a plethora of lies was pursued, that end result ended up with 16 million people slaughtered in that last world war. That will be the outcome but they will never ever admit to it..
Conservative Good will overcome leftist socialist evil, one way or the other..

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