Female *Stars* Hitting the WALL..

Hitting the WALL, badly.. Head On, Straight into THAT WALL. Women hitting the WALL is NOT a pretty sight, and yet, they seem to think that it either does not exist or it will not happen to them. They are SPECIAL, don’tchaknow.. Here are just a few female *STARS* who have already HIT the wall […]

Women from HELL – NightClub Bouncer Video.. Women SUCK..

Today’s World of Skankery.One can only imagine just how painful women can actually be without video proof.. These are the same women who will ‘Reclaim their VIRGINITY” when it’s time to settle down. Most of the skanks shown in the video couldn’t even be third rate hookers on their best days, without the hangover, of […]

Plenty of Psychotic Women to go Around..

Another SUCKER bites the Dust. Cock carousal rider decides that she is automatically in ‘LOVE’ with sugar daddy. Amazing how ‘fluid’ women can just automatically switch into a love scenario when there is money involved and she is about to hit the wall. Being in HER mid thirties, the CCR has decided that any man […]


Last Man Standing. It has been well explained over the years, that one’s life is subject to various pressures as one gets older. One example of that pressure increasing exponentially, is when any Man has a ‘relationship’ with a member of the opposite sex. Usually, as well as normally, SHE will determine YOUR life by […]

Men DO ‘WOMAN’ better than Women CAN..

Fallon Fox nearly beats female opponent to death.. Women are CHEATERS, LIARS and Now, Desperate. “Practices such as hiring ringers and switching numbers bibs have been reported in marathons in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Xiamen,” the Global Times newspaper said in a report on the ruling on Thursday.Two female competitors had their results cancelled after last December’s […]

TOXIC Femininity..

TOXIC WOMEN.. TOXIC WOMEN It has been the case that for the last forty odd years, Men have had to endure these disgusting, abusive, TOXIC, hate spewing, parasitic WOMEN. Those very same WOMEN have claimed to represent a political belief, based purely on left wing propaganda and serial made up statistic, in order to spew […]

Women’s BIGGEST Secrets..

Women Line Up to DESTROY the Society that you NOW LIVE IN. Everything they do is solely subject to the way they FEEL. Everything else is IRRELEVANT. MGTOW – The ONLY way. Sandman once again delivers a fine, honest and a completely true assessment about PRIVILEGED PRINCESSES, that is indisputable. For way TOO LONG, women […]

The SPAWNSTAR : She has Baby Rabies and needs to SPAWN..

The Legal SYSTEM Considers it to be HER CHILD, NOT YOURS. Women do not have any disincentive to behave or to be a better person Society protects them, the DIVORCE courts encourages their GREED and AVARICE and the ‘Husband’ has absolutely ZERO standing to bring about any reasonable or even an equal division of goods. […]

Launceston Medical Centre : SEXIST, BIASED BIGOTS – Shoving female DOCTORS Down your throat whether you like it or NOT..

It’s ALL about WOMEN, as usual.. Launceston Medical Centre. SEXISM, BIAS and BIGOTRY first hand example.  A WOMEN cannot be SEXIST, BIASED and BIGOTED, apparently. AND YET here they are doing EXACTLY the same thing they have been complaining about. What level of hypocrites are these people? Here is another FINE example of the inbuilt […]