Childish Pretence: Bringing Out Your Inner Lesbian..

Pretending You are Something Else. Children playing games of “Make Believe”, have some rather major competition. Take Bruce Jenner’s pretence, for example. The entire media, with only a few exceptions, are now referring to “it”as it is a female where in reality it is a male pretending to be a female when it still has […]

The Mental Masterbation by Moronic Mangina from the “Independent UK” : Max Benwell on #Killallwhitemen..

Mangina Mentally Masterbates for Profit. Whenever they are called out they completely fold and grovel back into the sewered hole they have made for themselves. Mental masterbation is the required practise these whimsical, pussy-seeking, feminised wimps wallow in . Sucking up to any member of the opposite sex, even to the one that hates your […]

Feminism: You Are Always Breaking The Rules..

Feminism: You Are Always Breaking The Rules Honesty and facts have never been issues that feminists have EVER dealt with. To their way of almost thinking, is that they cannot ever change their manufactured opinions or POV, as that would destroy their moronic circular arguments. As far as they are concerned, anything you say or […]

Something Severely Wrong with Education When a Principal is Caught With Student in A Car..

Female Principals Shagging Students as Well. Thinking quickly, Morton initially told the officers on the scene that she and the student were “just friends,” the arrest report explains.Next, she tried the one where she said picked the teenager up off the street because she was feeling lonely.Eventually, the student admitted that Morton is, in fact, […]

American Privileged Princesses No One Wants to Employ..

Unemployable American Women. This demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt just how far those AWs have bottomed out. No one wants to employ their lazy arses. They prefer to employ “Foreign Women” instead. It is already a well known fact that the law states that Women have to be a percentage of the work […]