Women are the GREATER KILLERS and Murderers on the PLANET..

WOMEN are KILLERS. Conveniently buried via theoretical feminist FLC theories, is the fact that women are the most compulsive, sadistic, killers, on the planet, all thanks to FLC feminist coercion. How is that possible ? ABORTIONS is how.. From NRIC.Link HERE.. So there we have the total DEATH rate by ABORTIONS since 1973. Fifty EIGHT […]

In Texas as in the rest of the Western WORLD : Sexist ‘Only WOMEN Need APPLY’ For Positions Vacant..

 Women are STUPID.  Women are FRAUDS.  It’s ALWAYS about them. Greedy, selfish, self-serving, racist, sexist bigots.. the rules of the State Bar of Texas, only “female, African-American, Hispanic-American, Native American, or Asian-American”  NEED TO APPLY.. Gegenheimer wants to apply for an open director position on the board but under the rules of the State Bar […]

Women have become TOTAL Bitches, Why Men avoid Marriage..

Self serving women never stop demanding unending privileges.. Seven Reasons Why Men are Opting Out of Relationships. Simple.. Women are self-serving arseholes. STEAL, CHEAT and LIE. Where can we start with that title. Women have become such complete arseholes, such self-promoted, narcissists freaks, that Men can detect what FRAUDS they have become.. Even PU artists […]

Ben Shapiro : Morality is the Left’s Buzz Word..

Feeling GOOD about Abusing Other People. Ben Shapiro has been lecturing and pointing out that Socialism/Fascism/Totalitarianism is the curse and should be completely eradicated, removed and abolished. It does not work, it is that simple. Fairness, justice and morality does not exist in a totalitarian world. Those words are completely turned around and used to […]