MARS RAPE : More “Out of This World” Hysterics..

The Martians Are Raping EVERYONE. Psychopaths can be recognised for their levels of desperation. Desperation is now exposed by feminists whenever they point a pixel to the void. They are well aware of the fact that no one, that is the general population, believe them to be nothing other than a bunch of fanatical lunatics, […]

You TOO, Can be a VICTIM..

Another FREE WMASAW poster for use where ever you see fit. Victimhood is Billions of Dollars for Women and specifically those sexist and biased feminists.. (f)eminasties have been sucking billions of dollars out of the taxpayers (MOSTLY MEN) pockets for that long that it’s now has an accepted “bill due” status. (f)eminists do nothing for […]

How the NUC Wallows in a Different Sphere..

How Universities Now Train Future Narcissists. Wow, these “Social Wankers Worriers Warrior” pretenders, just make their cringe-worthy  promulgations, a graffiti artist’s wet dream . I or anyone else with a normal, functional, pia mater (brain), could not even dream up such completely delusional, irrelevancies, that these infants in the image have generated. One would have to […]

How Twitter’s Wankerati Can Make Your Day..

How Twitter’s WANKERATI make Millions for companies.. This is just priceless, a million times over. Those lunatic “Social Warriors” or as I call them “Social Wankers”, have no idea just how things work. Spending advertising dollars is to attract as much attention as possible. Insult any of the so-called ‘Social Wankers” ideals and off goes […]

Deranged Mattress Carrier Still Under the Protection of Bigoted, Anti-Male Columbia University..

Lunatics helping each other, how nice.. Mattress Girl is the Prime Feminist “Angel” Poster GRRLLL.. One does have to wonder why “RED FLAGS” did not start screaming out loud, when this female confessed to former boyfriend that SHE had STD’s. Surely, that quote itself should and would have scared away any potential get together. Here […]

The Callous “New Woman” Selfitude..

The New Privileged Princess is Nothing NEW. It is a sad fact that the new privileged princesses that have already soaked in that feminist hyperbole, can be extremely vicious and extremely callous, as we already know. Ending the Relationship. When the “Child Breeding” is finished, the privileged princess has no further use for the male, […]

The NEW Whacko : Bruce Jenner..

Granny Jenner flashing tits and flesh..  Flashing Tits and Arse is “HARD” work. One does have to wonder where this is going and what it is all about ? So we have a former olympian wanting to rescind or is in the process of changing his sex from a male to a female. So who […]