Leftist Grievance Poker..

How the Left Loonies Justify their Flagrant Ignorance and Superior Stupidity. This is exactly how those weirdos behave. It is even worse when those blind sighted bigots are feminists. That puts a completely different spin on it but the manic duplication of action and thought is still rivalled by their actions. However those sexist bigots, […]

Web Glossary : Often Used Terms and their Meaning..

Exhibitionism Comes Natural to Females. The current rage is to shed clothes at the slightest request. The Glossary According to MGTOW. Glossing over the MGTOW site is certainly an interesting exercise as it explains a lot more than one usual finds out about. Here are some explanations regarding those abbreviated terms that sometimes popup in […]

The Female Chameleon..

The Female Chameleon. Claims have been made and still are, that “feminism” has actually helped men. (I’ll wait for you to wipe the spray off the screen). They actually have the audacity to say that with a straight face. On top of that, we have lying feminists claiming to be “all for men having their […]

How “Women in Charge” Destroyed a Once Noble Political Party..

Cheryl Kerno, Leader of the Former Democrats. Dressed the way she thinks.. When Cheryl Kerno Started loosing Votes, She Dressed up as a Hooker. It’s the boa that gave her away of course, the RED dress only demonstrated her penchant for attention grabbing and c*ck chasing. Democrats are DEAD. Australian Democrat Party Site Australian Democrats […]

Beta Male Faggotry..

Professional full-time FAGS, hard at work. Beta Male Faggotry Enabled. Behaving like a FAG excuses them from being a real human male. An act they are incapable of performing correctly. They have been desensitised by feminists to be like females, both males or females don’t want a bar of their inane childish behaviour. Woosies and […]

Women Can Thank Feminist For TWO Things : Destruction Of Marriage and No Partners..

Congratulation feminists, You have Ruined Women’s Lives. Tedious, unsupported and knowingly dishonest claims continues to be made from that nasty male-hating sect called feminism. One now knows why they get so confused about every issue (See #Frightbat Catherine Deveney’s disgusting comments using a female’s death/dissapearance, opportunistic, self-promoting, issue and read the negative comments in reply on Twatter). […]

Black Mother “Dumps Cerebral Palsy Son in Woods for several days” in order to get some more C*ck..

The Privileged Black Female Population. Police say a woman abandoned her quadriplegic son in the woods for several days to go visit her boyfriend in Maryland.An arrest warrant has been issued for 41-year-old Nyia Parker, the victim’s mother.She faces a number of charges including aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment and related offenses.Detectives say this […]