More Positive PROOF that FEMINISTS are Compulsive LIARS..

Feminists are Nothing More than Compulsive LIARS. Delusional feminists are just that, completely, irrationally, delusioned. But, they prefer to stay that way. Even femi-cretin and compulsive LIAR Jessica Valenti preferred to be seen as a compulsive delusional LIAR, rather than just admitting and confessing that that “Mass RAPE Fraud” case was generated by another member […]

There is NO Difference Between Lunatic Leftists and ISIS..

Leftists and ISIS – Two of a Kind. As a matter of fact, one has yet to find any leftist condemn the murderous action of those lunatics in Africa, as they busy themselves slaughtering defenceless and innocent people by the boatload. Enter the lunatic left. In tiny Walkerton, Indiana – population 2144 – a local pizza shop […]

Björt Ólafs­dót­tir : A member in Iceland’s Parliament Bares her Boob – #freethenipple..

The Feminist Stupidity of Björt Ólafs­dót­tir. Björt Ólafs­dót­tir is your typical narrow-minded, male-hating, male bashing feminazy. A typical example of the type of female that trades common sense, real life situations for delusional feminist propaganda. Another feminist moron in parliament like Boxer, Gillard, etc. taking every opportunity to demonstrate just how thick, vacant and basically stupid […]

The Thaumaturgical Juju: Self-induced “Victimhood” Mentality Delusionally “suffered” by MOST Women, Today..

Encouraging the JUJU. It is no secret that feminists and their mind-numbing minions have convinced women in western society just what a poor little victims they have assumed themselves to be. There is nothing better than failing to except responsibility for one’s own behaviour and decision making. There is nothing better than blaming someone else […]