Woman in Charge : Hysterical Women Expert, Professor Karen Halnon Arrested for Stupidity.

 Hysterical Women Expert, Professor Karen Halnon Arrested for Stupidity. Just like it’s champion of gross stupidity, smut, lasciviousness  and deviancy, Germain “Who do I have to f*ck to get promoted” Greer, this mentally retarded “professor” Karen Halnon demonstrates it’s normal behavioural standard or should that be the standard ‘wimmin’s studies’ supremo mentality. Introducing — PROFESSSOR […]

This is How Feminists View Themselves..

How Feminists SEE themselves. Being self-delusional is a must, a precondition for any feminist to comprehend and apply. Most would have problems with comprehending that opening sentence. They are definitely not known for their brain-taxing ability, that is for certain. They only require three different abilities in order to join that blathering pack. 1. Get […]

That Gross Stupidity Unleashed : Women complain about “Transsexual” in THEIR Change Room..

Cross-Dressing, Pretend Woman, Invades Female Space. Another one of those, above stupid, issues that feminist locos and leftist malfunctioning, promotes and delivers. What could possibly go wrong with claiming that weirdos, dressed up in skirts and wearing makeup, can now legally invade any and every room occupied by privileged princesses. That won’t do at all, […]

More Feminist Stupidity : ‘FREE the Nipple”..

BoobSplaining – Another “Important” Feminist Issue. Moron Bolton puts it’s justification in like it actually makes an ounce of sense – Bolton told The Journal News concerning her decision to appear topless in the docudrama. “Besides, I support equal rights for women. I’m not ashamed of it.” In the never ending cycle of the sexual, below the […]

Woman on Facebook While Driving, Kills Three Kids..

Feeding the Facebook Ego. This is from the “completely irresponsible and standard female behaviour” department, as they line up to prosecute this female for driving while texting someone on Facebook. Another unbelievable story but another one where the actions of a female is responsible for the deaths of three innocent kids while she feeds her […]

Women in Charge: Lois Lerner in the Deep End – Inspector General States “There is potential criminal activity,”

Lois Lerner email: ‘No one will ever believe’ two hard drives ‘crashed’ within a week Another Privileged Princess Bites the Dust. Also this – The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Thursday evening received an update from IRS Deputy Inspector General Timothy P. Camus on the ongoing efforts to recover former IRS director Lois Lerner’s missing emails. Although Lerner had […]

Woman In Charge : Natalie Bennett – Green Party UK Leader and the Roadkill Interview..

Women Automatically Employed & Promoted, by LAW Whenever a Privileged Princess is not promoted, they scream SEXISM..BIAS..Mysogyny.. It is a well known fact that the majority of women in Parliament today, are solely there due to the ‘Sympathy Vote”, that not only males make but also other privileged princesses automatically typically cast for their own […]

Feminist Sexist Bigotry at Work ; Boys face compulsory feminism programs in state schools across Victoria, Australia..

The Inbuilt Sexist Bigotry of Victorian Labor Party in Australia. Sexism and biased bigotry alive and well in Victoria, Australia.Regardless of this factual study that has been buried. Buried by guess WHO? Harvard study says 70 percent of domestic violence is committed by women against men The continued bias and bigotry, also the lies promoted […]