The Toxic, Lying Bigotry of Patricia Arquette and The Swedish Gender Biased Snow Ploughing..

The Endless Greed of Women. Spreading relentless lies about the ‘War on Women and the completely discredited and fraudulent “Wimmin make less money” hysteria has been the favourite pastime by those pathetic females who spend their lives pretending to be ‘real’ people in delusional Hollywood propaganda films. The majority of people could name a few […]

The “FAIRER” Grubbier Sex, HAH! : Four out of five women don’t shower every day..

They wants chivalry SO BAD they will Pay Men to do it..Suckers.   Women STINK.. It has always been a rather interesting piece of propaganda, suggesting and demanding, that women are the “Fairer” sex. However those psychotic lunatics from the male-HATE femi-cretonian sect, has clearly demonstrated that being labelled the “fairer sex” is just another […]

How Sexist, Anti-Male Bigots Run Obama’s White House..

  Women LIE about Rape and Then Wonder why Nobody Gives a Damn!. How Feminism Profits From Rape.. More Fake Rape Hysteria.. Another False Rape Claim from a Uni. Campus It is beyond doubt that the feminasties, those dysfunctional, systemic, hysterical. compulsory liars, run the White House, and here is all the proof you need. […]

Fifty Shades of Grey : More Verbal/Visual PORN for Women..

Ofcourse, the female actress has already cleared herself of any wrongdoing. Find someone else to blame.. Will spend her LIFE being the ’50 Shades of Grey’ actress. Well Done..  Mom and Dad will be SO proud.. ‘What the f*** have I done?’ Actress Dakota Johnson admits doubts over Fifty Shades film Too Little Too Late, […]

Cops: Denied Sex, Woman Pulled Gun On Boyfriend..

Gun RAPE and other Nefarious Actions by Women.  Women are becoming what we feared they always would. They have been hiding their actual nature behind a facade of nice-ness, pretend concern and the imagined well-being of others for centuries. But now that the feminists have unleashed this new monster, there is no stopping them from […]

Brazil Carnival : Women Objectifying Themselves and Loving it..

Oppressed Brazilian Women just hate doing this, you can tell. Don’t LOOK.. Flashing the Flesh is Part of the Female Psyche, always has been. Oh, these Women look SOOOooo Oppressed.. The non-ceasing, puerile attacks from feminiasties consists solely of ‘Men” objectifying ‘Women’. Not a single word or comment or even a confession that women do […]

Women are the Greater Sexist Bigots..

The Sexism, Bigotry by Women. That title should just stand in it’s own right and anyone reading it would automatically nod in the affirmative, as it is that obvious. Needless to say that sexist women thrive in society without ever being questioned or even queried on any occasion at all.. The automatic built in protection […]