NEW Recommended Baby Names for Feminists (Girls Only Of Course)..

  The First List of Baby Names for Feminist Lesbians. After dredging the public sperm banks, that were mainly set up to service lesbians. It would be appropriate to ensure that those newly fermented future antagonists, receive the correct name/handle in order to ensure it appropriately describes the newly labelled specimen. It is the case […]

Kendra Sunderland Demonstrates The Typical American Female Mentality..

 The Feminist “Perfect Female” Hard at WORK.. Members of the feminastie hate sect, must be celebrating and promoting this narcissistic, flesh-flasher as their NEW POSTER ‘STAR’, surely. She is the epitome of feminist doctrine, behaviour and thought processes. Sunderland shows just how easy it is to get nationwide attention by being a sexual deviant, something […]

Women are Just Helpless VICTIMS, National Sororities..

Being a Helpless Victim Benefits Privileged Princesses Financially as well. Here is another one of those “You WILL do as you are told” messages from the headquarters of the Supreme Sorority politburo. Being of like-minded, group-think individuals, they will of course do as they are told. Cannot possibly be the odd one out, can they. […]

Sexist Feminist, Bigoted HATE Fest : Clementine Ford’s ‘Utopian Misandry Island’. Kill ALL MEN..

Feminist HATE-FEST Utopian Dream Island Ford’s Utopian dream is exactly what feminists have been promoting and arguing about for decades, while they still constantly live in denial about their aims. Their hate-fest dream is just that. The claim that feminism is all about ‘equality’ (a standard joke), is so laughable that anyone stating such a […]