Cancerous Channel Four UK with feminist Bigot receives a Mental Readjustment from Milo Yiannopoulos..

Feminism is STILL CANCER. Desperation has finally reached leftist lunatics as witnessed by all those ATTACKS from the very same people that claim they are all about “Love”, “Unity”, “Equality” and we must not forget “aromatherapy”, when in reality, they are freaking out as we see right here on this video. Another example of Freaking […]

BATHING in the TEARS of Hillary’s Feminists….

Bathing in the TEARS of FEMINISTS. CRYING at HIALLRY’s CRSUHING BY DONALD TRUMP.. Go Ahead, MAKE MY DAY.Dancing for joy as the news came through that CROOKED HILLARY LOST. It was just such a joyfull occassion that I was lost for words. How could yesterday not end better than to see that feminist dyke Hillary […]

Women in CHARGE : Watch Incompetent “Chief Human Capital CEO” Emerson from DHS Incapable of Answering Specific Questions..

The “CHIEF HUMAN Capital Officer Emerson from the DHS, cannot even answer a single question.. Incompetent Women running an Incompetent Department. This is now the standard behaviour of incompetent, inept females working in Government Departments. Deny, Obfuscate, deny, pass question onto someone else, deny responsibility.. Incompetence Increases Stupidity. Breeds Contempt. This is what happens when […]

How Thai WOMEN Suck You Dry (The FEMALE HIVEMIND)..

Women are the same the world over Selling oneself for the DOLLARS on the Noble cause. The saying that ALL females possess the ‘HIVEMIND’ is absolutely no exaggeration. They will take you for every cent you possess and smile while they are at it. The woman in the video happily brags about sucking an older […]

Obama’s SEXIST ‘Girl’ Cyber-Terrorism ADVISER LISA MONACO Knows NOTHING about Cyber Security or Cyber Terrorism..

Obama – the most gutless mangina to EVER sit in the White House chair. A whimsical WIMP..   Obama’s USELESS Trollops Ensure Incompetent Handling on ANY issue. Obama employs, places MALE-HATERS into EVERY position. As is usually the case with leftists as well as Obama, when they appoint a politically correct ‘female’ they are NEVER […]

Yahoo FIRES MEN to replace them with WOMEN, Typical Sexist Hypocrisy from YAHOO..

Yahoo Marissa Mayer is just another sexist feminist bigot.. YAHOO, the WINNING Corporation of BIGOTS, intentional SEXISM, Anti-Male Bias, Male-HATE & Anti-MALE Bigotry, EVER.. BAN YAHOO..  “Savitt has publicly expressed support for increasing the number of women in media and has intentionally hired and promoted women because of their gender, while terminating, demoting or laying off male […]

Kristen Bell (aka FROZEN) LIES about Female Income..

Frozen – a disgusting male bashing, feminist propaganda hate hit piece.. Kristen Bell (Frozen) is a lying feminist bigot. Frozen : Another PC Hollywood Male Bashing Animation. Women are Princesses and Men are all Clowns and Idiots. It is a well known fact that whenever leftists or associated loonies like Kristen Bell, have to straight […]

Domestic Violence against Men SOARS..

Not Only are WOMEN the MAJORITY Child Abusers but now they are going for the Majority DV ABUSE. When women are treated and claimed to be victims of everything, according to the feminatrix, this is the outcome. Not only are women not held accountable for their vicious, nasty, disgusting behaviour, they have been EXCUSING women […]