Let’s just IGNORE female PEDOPHILES (female Teachers)..

When is a pedophile NOT a pedophile ? When it’s a WOMAN.. Women are NOT Pedophiles, they are only “VICTIMS”. The feminatrix have declared that the privileged princess gender has to be classed as being in a completely different class of CRIMINAL. Not only do those PP’s(see above) receive every possible advantage in society, but, […]

What Women DO just to get ATTENTION..

Women and Politics. Why bother thinking about the country when one can go NAKED.. The FEMALE HIVE MIND. Women pose nude in protest to Donald Trump for Spencer Tunick art installation in Cleveland before Republican Convention BAAHHHH!!! Politics has always been a nasty little game and it’s not going to stop now. These cretinous leftist […]

A Message to the UK Generation Snowflake ( 18 – 24 )..

Generation SNOWFLAKE – 18 – 24 Year Old Children. One has to laugh at them, ridicule them and make them aware of the fact that selfishness, self-interest and the delusional mindset leftists have installed in their vacant, self-produced orb is nothing more than delusional ignorance. Delusional, LYING feminists can take a bow as well.. The […]

How CORRUPT is Hillary Clinton – The FACTS (Video)..

The Complete History of Corruption by Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton came to my attention when she was spewing feminist HATE speech. One does not endear themselves to anyone, being a feminist. The majority of the public cannot stand feminists for very good reasons. They are nothing more than disgusting LIARS. A parallel to Clinton’s normal […]

Why are Deviant, Female Pedophiles Given FREE REIGN over ANY STUDENTS?

Deviant, sexually active female teachers given a FREE run in ALL SCHOOLS. DEVIANT, SEXUALLY ACTIVE, FEMALE TEACHERS given a FREE REIGN over Young Students. Cops: Married Middle School Teacher Traumatized Teens With Naked Selfies, HANDCRAFTED Porn Tonie Reiboldt, pedophile and sexual abuser of students. Female Pedophiles. This is becoming a major yawnfest. How many FEMALE […]

MORE Entitlement/Passes for Privileged Women..

Cocaine Drug Runner – More Women Breaking the LAW. Well DONE feminsts.. MORE SPECIAL TREATMENT for WOMEN. It has been the case that ever since those moronic feminists began spewing their venom, females were actually forced to behave more like men. Those STUPID women made changes to their attire, you know, like wearing padded, wide […]