Woman Shoots Her Own Daughters To Make Husband ‘Suffer’..

Wife MURDERS daughters to SPITE Husband.. Let out the FREAKS. Texas Mom Shot Her Own Daughters To Make Husband ‘Suffer’ One of the regressives lefts PROUD achievements was to release all psychopaths and lunatics into society, as it made them “feel” good about themselves. Regardless of the fact that those very same loonies were categorised […]

WHY has there been NO CHANGES to DIVORCE LAWS ?

Begging to be screwed over.. Bonus DIVORCE Bingo For WOMEN. When it comes down to Marriage, the LAWS are against all MEN. No changes have been proposed or even disgust, just completely IGNORED,. This is one major issue that no one wants to tackle or CHANGE for the better. The current laws are in place […]

Two Lawsuits go After Obama’s Un-American, Illegal, Sexual Assault Dictum..

The Worm Has Finally TURNED. When marxist Obama and his administration, headed by RADICAL male-hating feminists, introduced and FORCED Universities and Colleges to adjudicate sexual assault assumptions in echo chambers and in secret Kangaroo “Courts”. They introduced new “standards” by which the accused would be judged automatically GUILTY, just because a LYING FEMALE made the […]

The Completely Corrupt Hillary Clinton ( Video )..

Clinton’s Claim to Fame, Corruption at the Highest Level.. One does not have to take too much time to find any scandals or corruption or dishonesty committed by Hillary Clinton. This video states the FACTS and details the extensive deviousness and self-serving attitude that the Clintons have schemed out over decades are exposed in this […]

Women have ZERO DIgnity : Insufferably SMUG Burlesque Dancer Maggie McMuffin Changes Shorts under Protest..

Video coverage on link to article heading below. Maggie McMuffin is just PURE CLASS.. It’s always MISOGYNY Whenever Any Female is Critizised. Skanky Hos Included.. WHhhAAaaa!! Women have been well trained in the “ART of Misogyny”. Decades of fake claims of victimhood have ensured that whenever anyone dares to criticize or request that they behave […]

Hillary Clinton LYING for 13 Minutes STRAIGHT..(Video)

Hillary Clinton : The World’s Greatest Compulsive LIAR. The most despicable liar the world has EVER seen and now witnessed. This is what a feminist LOOKS LIKE.. For “Evil will flourish, When Good Men Do nothing”. Feminism is Evil, it is beyond question. It has clearly and proudly demonstrated that itself..

SWEET Revenge against CHEATING WIFE..

Poetic Justice Best Served Cold. Men do have to be extra careful these days. as any female can turn into a deceitful, double-crossing, maniacal, unprincipled deviant by banging everyone that has any importance in his life. The fact that your “wife” or “girl-fiend” can and will completely destroy your life without so much as blinking […]

Sexist Bigot Bill Shorten to FORCE Women’s Sports onto Public via More SPECIAL Privilege Taxpayers Dollars..

Waiting for the excuses as to why a Top rated AUS Women’s Soccer Team was THRASHED by a team of 15 year old boys. Bill Shorten (AUS Labor Party Leader) to the RESCUE – White Knighting Women’s Soccer and Sports, AGAIN. These women are in their twenties. More Money for those Special, Privileged, Self-Esteemed, Parasites.  […]