Inside the Feminatrix (Portland Community College) : Women’s Studies Class (VIDEO)..

Inside the FEMINATRIX : Women’s Studies Propaganda. The video below created by Rekt Feminist Videosdemonstrates just how paranoid these feminists are in keeping their propaganda secret while it’s paid for by your tax dollars. As shown above, we have the Dean of Students, MIRIAM FRIEDMAN, at the Portland Community College demonstrating just what level of LYING […]


REVEALED: Facebook Exec Sheryl Sandberg’s Wacky 1991 Feminist Thesis The Harvard thesis of Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s quasi-celebrity COO, has been shared with Breitbart, casting new light on the depths of the ardent feminist’s gender politics and the possible ideological preoccupations of the social network she now helps to run. Revealed during a week the progressive bias […]

Lesbian, Psychotic Hillary and Her COKE Habit..

Lesbian, psychoctic, drug addict, Hillary. “Hillary hates kids. She was one nasty bitch when she was pregnant. My God, for nine months, she made my life a living hell and blamed me!One has always believed it to be the case that psychotic Hillary was indeed a lesbian as well as being a loose, unhinged, lefty […]

MultiTasking Causes Damage While Reducing Mental Abilities..

Look down the page for more on this image being overwritten by feminists from Anita Sarkeesian link.. MultiTasking Causes Memory Fail. “Many people think multitasking does not hamper your ability to get things done,” he said. “But multitasking can decrease your ability to get things done well, because you have to reorient. That causes a […]

Abuse Email from Megan M. Lewis , Sarkeesian DENIAL..

When the Sarkeesian Claims, Fails, “EQUALITY” for ONLINE ABUSE. She’s Lying – AGAIN. One does still receive these types of abusive outbursts whenever any particular patient has neglected to take their psychopathological medication. In this case, another loony by the name of Megan M. Lewis, email address being as follows – Megan Lewis <> . So do feel free […]

Christina Hoff Summers is a FRAUD..

Christina Hoff Summers Christina Hoff Summers is a feminist FRAUD.. Wilful ignorance can be labelled to Summers, just like her sole GYNOCENTRIC support. She is a FEMINIST and like ALL feminists, their sole interest is to raise WIMMIN and destroy Men at all costs. She is the complete hypocrite. She does not promote an “EQUALITY” […]

FALSE RAPE ACCUSER is British Actress Souad Faress..

Souad Faress is ANOTHER RAPE LIAR. Women will destroy a life just to attract attention. WHY was that woman NOT charged for LYING in COURT ? Another example of the judiciary “system” demonstrating how they are completely hoodwinked by male-hating women while making a complete LAUGHING stock of the law and the courts. This is […]