Senator Katy Gallagher Gets her ComeUppence from Sen. Fifield about “Mansplaining”..

“What’s mansplaining?” Senator Mitch Fifield offended by Senator Katy Gallagher’s allegation. Arrogant, self-serving feminist bitch Katy Gallagher gets a serve from Senator Mitch Fifield when it arrogantly states when a person is questioning moronic rambling. Good to see that there are conservatives around that have the balls to give those leftist labour cretins a serve. For […]

UnDoomed : Your BRAIN on feminism – DATE a feminist..

How Embarrassing is This Video ? It has been the case that feminists have been getting a lot of flak regarding the complete mess they make of everything they touch. How they whine, bitch and moan endlessly about (EXCEPT RAPE, SEXUAL Assault and ABUSE by Muslims) anything they can think of, regardless of it’s incomprehensible […]

Bettina Arndt Giving those “Victimhood” specialists the Middle Finger – Re: Chris Gayle..

Victimhood Apologists Get a Serve. Occasionally, when a current situation demands it, they will drag out Bettina Arndt to give feminists and other “women are victims” spruikers like current leftist Loonutic PM Malcombe (whatshisname) a serve and put them back into their sewer-minded existence. Pathetic hysterical responses to Chris Gayle’s chatting up of a female […]

Something CANNOT be Harassment – IF You Enjoyed it..

Venal Women Generating Hate Speech, Seeking Attention.. A standard response from a feminist is dealt with by Mike Adams, with his usual flair and patience. Somewhat more than that feminist bigot deserved, as it’s abusive email is far from any such civility. But that is the standard behaviour from retarded, completely indoctrinated, feminists.  Irrationality and […]

ThunderfOOt’s Narcissistic and Hypocritical Attacker Jenny Keller aka Laughing Witch ATTACK Hits Mainstream..

How feminism is finally showing their true colours. Feminist skullduggery is the standard response they use try to shut down anyone that dares to refute or expose their delusional, fantasized “I am a victim” theorised propaganda and mentality. They have nothing else to offer in the way of an argument, so they play that dirty […]