Why Men are Incapable of Saying NO to a WOMAN..

Why Men Capitulate to the Wishes and Dreams of Women While Killing their OWN. When any Man looks back at his relationship or marriage to a woman, how often has He asked himself “What the hell am I doing in this situation” ?Many times during that relationship HE would have questioned himself, why has he […]

ThunderfOOT’s Expose of LaughingWitch aka Jennifer Keller – Hannibalthevictor13 and the bigoted, biased Journalist Garrett Haake at WUSA9..

 Karma is a Bitch is YOU are ONE. This is the expose that ThunderfOOt did on all those nasty, toxic feminist drones who tried their hardest to destroy his life and have him sacked, purely on the basis of, that he did not agree with their bigoted, toxic HATE agenda that feminists have been trying […]

Male Hating Bigot Jess Phillips at “Work” DENYING any Levelling of Playing Field on Men’s Rights and Health..

Sexist (f)eminist BIGOT LAUGHS at Men DYING.. One does not have to wonder long, why feminists want more women in political office, especially grievance princesses like Jess Phillips. One has to wonder also, if this sexist bigot ever told the public in her electorate, just what a MALE-HATING BIGOT it really is ? What’s so […]

Germaine Greer Doubles Back on Feminist Original LIES : Feminist Bigwig: Male Castration ‘Doesn’t Make You A f***ing Woman..

GREER Reduces Feminist LIES about “GENDER SAMENESS”.. BUT did not those very same feminist CLAIM that Men and Women are EXACTLY the SAME ? Have they not been spewing massive amounts of complete hypocrisy about the sexes and now here they are stating the exact opposite. DID they not SAY and STATE REPEATEDLY, that the […]