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I think that there is no need to arrange for dates with VIP London escorts. There has always been a lot of talk that VIP escorts services in London are better but I am not so sure that is true at all. Recently I started to use cheap London escorts and I find them every […]

What is your pleasure, sir: Romford escorts

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I have to say that Dating Romford escorts can also be described as one of life’s greatest pleasure. I haven’t been dating in Romford for very long but I have certainly met some hot babes during my short time in Romford. I moved here after having lived in Cambridge for five years. Yes, we do have […]

Dating in Watford?

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Who is dating Watford escorts? Well, says Tina from the agency, you would have thought it would be a lot of newspaper and press executives but it is not. We do get some professionals who use the service, but the majority is single gents. A lot of them are divorced gents in their 40’s and […]

Harlow escorts on sex toys

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Are sex toys going out of fashion? Sex toys seem to be every where right now, and you can even buy them on the popular discount shopping site Groupon. But, Harlow escorts say that sex toys are not as popular as they once used to be, and some of the girls are not collecting […]

Victoria Girls Are waiting For You

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Have you ever met a girl called Victoria? Well, I know several young ladies called Victoria and they all work as Victoria escorts from Well, they call themselves Miss Victoria’s girls but they are all Victoria escorts working In Victoria in London. I think it is a great name for an escorts agency, and […]

Too Fat Too have Sex

Here at the Better Sex offices are resident Sex Expert Dr. Annie Bliss is always standing by to deal with your sexual health problems. Dr. Bliss used to work as part of a team of London escorts before she completed her PhD, and is always interested to hear from our readers with any type of […]

Escorts working in the Holiday season

The adult entertainment industry is a job opportunity for those who want to have a hold of their own time and schedule. For Heathrow escorts, prostitutes, call girls and other adult professionals, taking days off are always up to their decisions. If it’s a holiday, it is their prerogative to schedule a client encounter or […]