Coming From the Heart : Senator Malcolm Roberts States the Obvious in Maiden Speech..

The ENDLESS whining and promotion of the witless, useless, society-destroying feminatrix. BORING..

How One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts Cleans out the Cobwebs.

This is admittedly a change of topic but it does still apply to the WMASAW title and it’s thereby still applicable. This senator delivered his first speech, his maiden speech in the Australian Parliament.

His speech covers areas of politics that has swept the world by it’s common sense while clearly pointing out the need to fight against the plethora of leftist lunaticy political takeover propaganda that has been raging for the last thirty or so years and that includes the introduction of the mine-bending propaganda of the feminatrix. Another leftist bent of control and subordination to a minority of typical laughable, loudmouths seeking to destroy everything that we believe to be right..

Leftist Lunacy. Everything is Political.
“Change for Change SAKE” is their justification for their bigoted, biased, country/soul destroying agenda..

It is rare to listen to a senator that actually gets it. A speech that points out exactly what ‘modern western democracies’ have introduced under the fraudulent guise of ‘bettering’ society when in actual fact it is just designed to destroy it. That is the leftist agenda of FEAR and MALICE, as they set about screaming their useless, inane, soul-destroying drivel, while abusing anyone who refuses to tow their hate-agenda and endless lies.

I do not agree with his ‘women are victims’ comments as that should have been or included everyone instead of just the PRIVILEGED SEX. But heh! this speech succinctly pushes all the RIGHT buttons and include  the RIGHT agenda and I look forward to seeing and witnessing exactly what they will do over the next term of this parliament.

Someone had to say all of this and HE did. Job well done.

Things That Need to be Stated and fought against.. One brave Guy..



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