Cops: Denied Sex, Woman Pulled Gun On Boyfriend..

Gun RAPE and other Nefarious Actions by Women. 

Women are becoming what we feared they always would. They have been hiding their actual nature behind a facade of nice-ness, pretend concern and the imagined well-being of others for centuries. But now that the feminists have unleashed this new monster, there is no stopping them from displaying and acting out what it is they are really like.

Even back in Greek times we have warnings regarding the actions of females as represented by Hydra. When one looks at the implications and action of that Greek tragedy, we now understand why. The femi-cretins have forced men to take a deeper look at females overall, a little more digging into the female character and psyche produces a lot more information and behavioural attributes that one prefers not to even consider, yet expose.

It is the case that the deeper you dig into the nature and ‘normal’ behaviour of women, the more reviled and shocked one becomes. Females are famous for doing anything and everything evil on the sly, like child abuse, blocking of sex for monetary or manipulation aims and goals. All their wicked and sadistic behaviour have always been hidden below the surface, just waiting to be released. And right here we have an example of that, an example of just how desperate they are now getting when they cannot get their own way.

The are constantly loosing ‘it’, in a big way..

The recent jailing and sentencing of that disgusting piece of female garbage for Genocide in Africa (Google it), should demonstrate just how far these ticking time bombs will go when spurred on by that hate movement named feminism..

So in reality, this female should be charged under the lunacy laws that feminists have introduced over the past few decades. The following should apply by their own admission and promotion –

1. Sexual Assault.
2. Sexual Abuse.
3. Attempted RAPE.
4. RAPE.
5. Verbal Rape.
6. Domestic Violence.
7. Mind RAPE.
8.  Proximity RAPE.
9. Implied RAPE.
10. Plus whatever other nonsense they have pushed through Universities where one is GUILTY for just looking at a ‘female’ in the wrong fashion.

Feminists are complete delusional morons, pretending to be a human version, they are actually  something indescribable.

‘I have to have ‘c*ck’ NOW or I will KILL YOU..Amazing..

Cops: Denied Sex, Woman Pulled Gun On Boyfriend

Police seized handgun, bullets after South Carolina incident

FEBRUARY 16–After having her “sexual advances” rejected by her live-in boyfriend, a South Carolina woman allegedly threatened to shoot her beau, cops allege.
Ryan Rucker, 33, was sleeping early yesterday when Michelle Smart, by her own admission, “attempted to make some sexual advances toward” him, according to a police report detailing the 2 AM incident.
Rucker told cops that he pushed the 30-year-old Smart off of him, which prompted an argument during which Smart “told him she would shoot him because she has the gun.” Smart told officers that after Rucker “rejected her and pushed her off of him,” he punched and kicked her multiple times.
Cops noted that Smart “continually was changing her story throughout the investigation,” adding that, “For these reasons, Ms. Smart’s account became less believable.”
Smart, judged the “primary aggressor” by cops, was arrested for domestic violence since Rucker “feared for his safety when Ms. Smart pulled the gun out and threatened to use it.” Cops seized a Ruger handgun and six bullets, which were placed into evidence.
Seen in the above mug shot, Smart spent about eight hours in custody before bonding out of jail Sunday afternoon on the misdemeanor charge. (1 page)

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