FALSE RAPE ACCUSER is British Actress Souad Faress..

Souad Faress is ANOTHER RAPE LIAR.

Women will destroy a life just to attract attention.

WHY was that woman NOT charged for LYING in COURT ?

Another example of the judiciary “system” demonstrating how they are completely hoodwinked by male-hating women while making a complete LAUGHING stock of the law and the courts.

This is what happens when there are “WOMEN IN CHARGE”. Another example of women biasing their own LYING sex while not only destroying the confidence we supposedly have in the courts but it also clearly demonstrates just how malicious and vicious, women are when it comes to abusing their positions.

Even the Judge questioned “why did this come to trial ?”..

The vicious, fraudulent, biased, misandric prosecutor..

The Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders.

Supporting the obviously LYING Souad Faress by falsely charging a man with ZERO evidence.

All on the word of a LYING female without a SHRED of EVIDENCE.

“Despite the exculpatory evidence and the recommendation of the presiding judge, the prosecution pushed on. The acquittal comes on the heels of a 2015 pledge by Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Alison Saunders to increase rape and sexual assault prosecutions by nearly a third. The beleaguered Saunders was under fire last year for failing to prosecute a member of her own office for child abuse. This has raised speculation that the pursuit of the case against Pearson may have been part of an effort to fill a quota or to regain public confidence in Saunders.”

That LIAR has appeared in the following programs in the United Kingdom on the BBC – 

Artist Found Not Guilty of Sexually Assaulting Actress

She appeared in two episodes of the BBC serial I, Claudius (1976) as a slave girl (shouting fire) and as a dancer who at Messalina’s (second and bigamous) marriage party realises troops are coming to arrest them. In another early BBC appearance, she played the character Selma in the Blake’s 7 episode Horizon. Since then, she has had substantial roles in films such as My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) and Sixth Happiness (1997), as well as much stage work around the UK.

The alleged victim has been identified by sources as Souad Faress, an actress who plays solicitor Usha Gupta in The Archers. The Archers is a BBC Radio 4 serial that has run over 60 years and is the most listened to nonnews program on Radio 4 with over 5 million listeners. Faress is also slated to play the character of a high priestess in an upcoming episode of “Game of Thrones.” One source speculates that the CPS’s decision to proceed with prosecuting on her behalf is, in part, based on the actresses’ high profile.

I will let Paul explain his expose of this disgusting female prosecutor and the life that false rape claimant HAS DESTROYED..

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