How Sexist, Anti-Male Bigots Run Obama’s White House..


Women LIE about Rape and Then Wonder why Nobody Gives a Damn!.

It is beyond doubt that the feminasties, those dysfunctional, systemic, hysterical. compulsory liars, run the White House, and here is all the proof you need.

How Obama Bureaucrats Are Aiming To Deny Students Constitutional Due Process

The world’s leading Mangina, one that allows outrageously sexist, biased ‘laws’, made up by delusional feminist bigots, to persecute and jail any male, without so much as being legally represented or even given an opportunity to defend himself. Persecuted Men denied to even cross-examine another lying b*tch that chooses to make false charges and statements.

It is more about revenge than actual facts. But the ‘female’ is always BLAMELESS..

That privileged princess is completely let off, even when SHE is blatantly LYING.  Nothing is done, no action is taken. It is as if that disgusting lying gutter snipe, never even exists. All that does, is increase the amount of False Rape accusations to continue and rise, as feminists propagandists based in every university and college campus, realise. They can LIE about RAPE statistics, as the information that is collected and supplied, come from those very same narcissistic liars, which has been exposed over and over again.

 Under the Obama administration, the Office for Civil Rights “has sacrificed the basic safeguards of the lawmaking process,” wrote 16 University of Pennsylvania Law School professors, according to The Washington Post.

YOU’RE GUILTY because I Said You Were.

Campus Rape Hype and Hysteria is Worth The Money to Feminists.

The entire ‘Campus Rape’ hype is just that. Manufactured deliberately, completely exaggerated and non-existing ‘facts’, has been swallowed by the lunatic feminist fringe just to divide and destroy the relationships that barely exists these days on campus.
Remember that “Rolling Stones Magazine Article” where another lying b*tch blathered another lie about “RAPE’ ?

It is never ending and those devious lying cretins are rewarded..

DOJ Studies on Sexual Assault.

 A new report on sexual assault released today by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) officially puts to bed the bogus statistic that one in five women on college campuses are victims of sexual assault.

The Rape ‘Epidemic’ Doesn’t Actually Exist

No, 1 in 5 women have not been raped on college campuses

The very cretin that lied about that false campus rape claim is now comfortably employed by a Democrat Govener, appointed to the ‘Sexual Assault”  which should indicate to anyone that they do not give a damn about any human being fundamental rights or give a damn about destroying it.

Such is the Mentality in the White House as we have witnessed so often. The behaviour of those lunatics is enough to make people gag in unbelief as they continually promote one lie after another in the hope that people are as stupid as they are.

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