How Thai WOMEN Suck You Dry (The FEMALE HIVEMIND)..

Women are the same the world over

Selling oneself for the DOLLARS on the Noble cause.

The saying that ALL females possess the ‘HIVEMIND’ is absolutely no exaggeration. They will take you for every cent you possess and smile while they are at it.

The woman in the video happily brags about sucking an older guy for $ 1200 US, a month, for whatever services are rendered (in her early twenties) . On top of that, most women will sell their body and soul just to get more MONEY. That is the mentality they possess and that is the way they behave, regardless of country of origin, regardless of the way they are raised, regardless of the way they have been ‘educated’.

One whore with two degrees, (on blog somewhere) in Melbourne, Aus. would rather SELL her body for $4000 per WEEK than work in any other position (pun intended). They would rather appease their sex drive and their bank accounts, rather than find anything that would actually stimulate the mind..

It is the way they are. It is the way they think. It is what they do. The almighty dollar reigns supreme and nothing over the past couple of centuries is going to change that mentality (see Roman Era Letters on this Blog somewhere).

It is what they really are. Shameless hussies pursuing the almighty dollar for whatever level of junk they want to buy or whatever self-justifying excuse they can find.



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