How “Women in Charge” Destroyed a Once Noble Political Party..

Cheryl Kerno, Leader of the Former Democrats. Dressed the way she thinks..

When Cheryl Kerno Started loosing Votes, She Dressed up as a Hooker.

It’s the boa that gave her away of course, the RED dress only demonstrated her penchant for attention grabbing and c*ck chasing.

Democrats are DEAD.

Australian Democrat Party Site

Australian Democrats officially deregistered 40 years after founded by former Liberal Don Chipp

Don Chipp started the Democrat Party quite a few years back and his standard aim for doing so was to “Keep the Bastards Honest”. He subsequently got himself elected and stayed in Parliament for some considerable amount of time.

These are the female leaders that destroyed the Democrat Party of Australia. WELL DONE GIRLS..

Enter the Dragons (the World’s Greatest Communicators..).

Leftist females destroy Democrat Party with their leftist leaning mentality and views.

It was however the case that Chipp found it suitable for one reason or another to have “All Knowing” females elected as it’s leaders, one after the other. And one worse than the previous one. It all went downhill from there. The party’s main goal was to stop the lunatic fringe from trying to destroy the country by refusing to pass legislation unless they had some level of input. 
The above image is just one of those females promoting herself as a last ditched effort to increase her appeal to the public. That is, before she defected to the leftist Labour Party. That clearly demonstrates just where their  allegiances and thinking was headed.

Cheryl Kernot: the “Scarlet Woman”

Cheryl Kernot was the leader of the Australian Democrats (1993 – 1997) and Federal MP for the Australian Labor Party (1998 – 2001).

 “Scarlet Woman”

Cheryl Kernot was the leader of the Australian Democrats (1993 – 1997) and Federal MP for the Australian Labor Party (1998 – 2001).
Cheryl Kernot had a bit of a dream run in her early political career, as far as her treatment by the press goes. Unlike Joan Kirner, she was portrayed in a flattering yet serious light and her political clout was not questioned – perhaps in recognition of her role as leader of the minority party holding the balance of power.

Things changed on her defection to the Labor Party and as details of an affair with a former pupil came to light. In 1998, in an attempt to reverse her slipping popularity, she posed for the Australian Women’s Weekly. The photo at right of her wearing a long red dress with black lace bodice, a feather boa around her shoulders, proved symbolic of her personification as the “scarlet woman”.

Once the press were able to hold up this visual evidence of Cheryl the seductress, her credibility was diminished and her political decline assured.

And NOW..

One Less Reason to Visit Adelaide.

The Australian Democrats were yesterday formally deregistered as a federal political party after suffering the indignity of failing to prove a minimum of 500 members … 


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