Inside the Feminatrix (Portland Community College) : Women’s Studies Class (VIDEO)..

Inside the FEMINATRIX : Women’s Studies Propaganda.

The video below created by Rekt Feminist Videos
demonstrates just how paranoid these feminists are in keeping their propaganda secret while it’s paid for by your tax dollars. As shown above, we have the Dean of Students, MIRIAM FRIEDMAN, at the Portland Community College demonstrating just what level of LYING and obvious criminality these WOMEN will go to to cover up their incomprehensibly sexist, bigoted behaviour. while contaminating the minds of those voluntary useless drones..

Having received permission from the children’s special free space school administration, with one of their admin staff standing right next to him, these bigots continue to push and shove the journalist, while trying to cover up the lens of the camera in order to make it impossible to film those cretins in the rooms being subjected to their indoctrination..

Watch the video..

WHY is the TAXPAYER Paying for this SEXIST BIGOTRY ?

Take a look at these images and remember the faces of these drones, these useful idiots, as they will be coming out to a screen near you in the near future or could even end up being part of the staff at where you work.

Take a good look at what they are “teaching” those drones ?

It’s all on the whiteboard for all to see. Their own fake words that mean nothing. Their own generated bigotry and biases is plain for all to see. Here are a few more faces of the very drones that attended this special children’s college to be educated in a completely useless, employment destroying, soul destroying, inanity that only completely inept dreamers would even consider. Unless you are a usual, vapid, leftist bigot that survives on HATE, VIOLENCE and BIGOTRY.

The HATERS,& BIGOTS or HOW UGLY and FAT Does one have to be, to be a feminist?

A tanker, Refueling..

Quick, HIDE the CAMERA..

Quick, MAKE THREATS and cause Violence..

If that does not work, give him the “LOOK”..

Hide the camera more..

Standard feminist GREEN dyed HAIR – CHECK..

Standard feminist, black, lesbian, female – CHECK

Standard grossly over-weight feminised females – CHECK..

The “LOOK”..

Create a threatening posture and circle the journalist – CHECK..

The completely inept and useless “SECURITY”..



Completely indifferent “security”, being little feminised wimps that refuse to carry out their duty.

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