Is it hard to believe that i have a boyfriend


To some people it may seem hard to believe but I broke up with my boyfriend to be an escort. When we met, I was still working for Soho escorts from but he tempted me away with ideas of a better lifestyle. After a couple of months he seemed to get bored with and hooked up with some other escort from another London escort agency. I am pretty sure that he is going to do the same thing to her he did to me in a couple of months’ time.


Some guys are just like that and I did not take it to heart. After due consideration, I realized that I was happier working for Soho escorts anyway. When I had been away from the agency I had a chance to consider my options. I am really that sort of girl who likes to stand on her own two feet. Yes, I am may need somebody else in my life, but there are also many things that I can manage. Like I say to myself, you can always hire somebody to do the rest.


When I was away from Soho escorts services, I rented out my flat but I did not tell my boyfriend about it. I know that it was a naughty thing to do but I did not want him to know everything about my life. He thought that I was just renting the apartment and I let him think that. When we broke up, he gave enough money to pay for a year’s rent on an apartment. I took it gratefully with a big smile on my face. It went straight in my safe and will be used at a later date.


The team at Soho escorts was only too happy to have me back. I started to date for them almost immediately as I did not want to lose out at all. It was a joy to calla round my dating diary to see who was still around. Most of the old faces were still there and seemed to be happy to hear from. I was soon back dating full time and felt a lot better about myself.


Would I leave Soho escorts for another boyfriend? If I ever left the escort agency here in Soho again, it would be on my own terms. Yes, there are a lot of hot guys out there but I am enjoying my own company at the moment. When I come home from work at the agency, I just close the door and pour myself a drink. A little while later I slip into a nice warm bath tub and enjoy some me time. It is so nice not to have a guy around nagging about dinner or wanting to do this and that. My time on my own is all mine, and my time at the agency is the professional side of me which is paid for. Never shall the two meet…this girl will go it alone for the time being