Jack Donovan and Milo Yiannopoulos on Useful Idiots and Men’s Comeback..

WMASAW Free Posters for Men to stick in the face of useful idiots..

The Bastardisation of Males.

Occassionally, one hears an Itune track that is seriously interesting and well worth a listen. This is that one time. Jack and Milo discuss the desecration, soul destroying, that Men have faced under the shameful guise, abuse and the implementation of what feminiasties, jokingly claimed is “equality”. What that term has meant to men and boys is beyond qualification but Jack and Milo give it their best shot to explain how we have been reamed and screwed over, completely those privileged princesses.

It is time to start fighting back..

And the bitches (general term, reference now, for over- privileged women) wonder where all the good men have gone and the smart ones are avoiding them like the plague they have become. Unless of course, you prefer having your life destroyed, as that is now just part of being tethered to the privileged female.
Some guys still need to wake up and smell the false accusations that have been, are current, and still to come. The next one could well be YOU..

Podcast here on Breibart.

Episode Seven: Jack Donovan
Milo sits down with American author Jack…

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