Kelsey Jay (special snowflake) Spewing HATE Against ALL Men and Boys Cause ‘Wimmin is Blameless’.

Hillary’s CHILDREN Freaking Out after been LIED to by Main Stream Media that she would win. Whaaaaaa!!!

Kelsey Jay Spewing HATE, like a feminist.

Sample Number One (more below)..

It is OK to hate MEN who refuse to acknowledge this fact.

As one can see below, the comment and statement by Kelsey Jay, HATING one half of the population is just a normal past-time, just a simple daily effort. Haters like Kelsey Jay, feel they can lob every single Male, including young boys, together as all being culpable and responsible for a raft of claims that this vicious, nasty piece of human trash, claims. That every single male is incapable of behaving in any other way. Incapable of being a normal human being..

The fact that crime has

Yet, and we are all aware of the fact that women are not exempt from murder, RAPE, mass murder of Boys and Men but it exempts every single female from those very crimes and abuses like a hypocrite.

    Harvard study says 70 percent of domestic violence is committed by women against men..

Sample number 3
Kelsey Jay – “You blame feminism because Men are disgusting and have zero idea about controlling their dicks?”.

Hate Spewing Feminist are a DIME a dozen.

Check out this vile hate-piece that it spewed like it is some precious, special little snowflake..

You can respond to that snowflake here..

Check out the FACTS, little girl, before spewing that bigoted and biased drivel. Some suggested information obviously lacking in your education, on the links below for some real ‘FACTS’..

Snowflake, You have been completely LIED to..

Just a few examples..


Not really. It’s just another hate-spewing feminist child with way too much time on it’s hands..


You blame feminism because Men are disgusting and have zero idea about controlling their dicks? When its MEN who will be buying this shit. Not Women. Male people commit 99% of all Rape, murder, mass murder, serial murder, female and child sex trafficking and slavery, prostitution, child molestation, torture, etc. in the entire world. It is OK to hate MEN who refuse to acknowledge this fact. Its is also ok to hate the men that commit these violent acts. If you don’t learn to control your dicks soon, we’ll have in power to get any MAN accused of a violent crime, castrated.
The above RANT is the BEST ONE received yet..
Three browny points awarded for best feminist  ‘rage-spew’ EVA!..
You win a CARD..

Plenty of loser cards stock-pilled to go around..

Congratulations KJ..


Kelsey JAY is a compulsive LIAR.

Feminism is synonymous with LYING.

Talk to any feminist and you are talking to a compulsive LIAR.

Lying, to any feminist, is akin to breathing. Whenever ANY feminist opens their mouth to speak, one can and will be party to their mindless inability of checking the facts or statistics or even bother to make ANY statement that would actually contain A single HONEST, fact. Everything they spew via their ‘HATE-ALL-MEN’ narrative ensures their unbalanced mentality storms to the fore. Generating fake propaganda, selling a plethora of LIES, is normal to them while they will never back up those very same LIES.

Or even when they even bother it’s from so called ‘feminist experts’, that have creatively sanitised their stories via made up assertions, misleading assumptions from their very own non-fertile imaginations, off-loading their THEORIES as factual based ‘evidence’. Their inbred, ingrown and infilled penchant of maligning men and boys, regardless of circumstances, while discounting RACE or RELIGION or SKIN COLOUR.

Which of course, make you a RACIST, a BIGOT and a HOMOPHOBE. It also makes you a phobophobia-ist..

Congratulations again snowflake..

Meanwhile all the endless bigotry continues..

What’s Wrong with Making False Claims? Domestic violence industry advocates often make claims such as “men are overwhelmingly theperpetrators of partner violence” and “95% of DVvictims are women.”These false statements only make the problemworse.

Kelsey Jay – Male people commit 99% of all…..crimes”

Erm “Male people” ? 

Promoting HATE is their Mainstay.  
Even now, they will still lie straight to your face and ignore obvious factual research, just to feed their own bigoted, narcissistic, racist, homophobic, misandric narrative. Not only are they completely dishonest, completely corrupted, toxic, vitriolic HATE-SPEWING individuals, they are promoting that very same narrative to impressionable college students as if it were actual peer-reviewed, historical fact.

Do not fog-get though that the female ‘people’ are completely innocent, blameless and helpless ‘victims’, just like Oprah and  that sore loser,  Hillary..

But it has come time to tell the TRUTH. Something that feminists have never attempted, never been even remotely achieved so reject Kelsey could be the first feminastie EVER. To be able to do or even contemplate it as a remote possibility. That in itself will be their greatest challenge. It would mean that they would have to become actual ‘HUMAN’ instead of being a sexist, racist, homophobic bigot, good luck with that!
Wouldn’t that be something though, a ‘caring, intellectually honest, factual’ feminist. The mind boggles..

About Partner Abuse
Partner ViolencePartner Violence:
An Equal Opportunity Problem
What is the truth about intimate partner aggression?
Nearly 200 scientific studies point to this simple
conclusion: Women are at least as likely as men
to engage in partner aggression.

This is what leading researchers say:
“Research indicates that women can be just as violent
as their partners.” – Irene Hanson Frieze, Psychology
of Women’s Quarterly, 2005

“Differences were observed in the rates of male and
female partner violence, with female violence
occurring more frequently.” – Renee McDonald,
Journal of Family Psychology, 2006

“A recent meta-analysis found that a woman’s
perpetration of violence was the strongest predictor of
her being a victim of partner violence.” – Daniel
Whitaker, American Journal of Public Health, 2007

“Several studies, including large and nationally
representative sample, have found that the most
prevalent pattern is mutual violence.” – Murray
Straus, Prevention of Partner Violence, 2008

What Does the Latest Research Say?

– A national survey of married and co-habiting partners
found that 8% of women engaged in severe partner
violence, while only 4% of men were involved in severe
violence. Renee McDonald, Journal of Family Psychology,
March 2006.

– An international study of over 13,000 university students
in dating relationships in 32 countries found that 11% of
couples had experienced severe violence in the past
year. Among those couples, 29% had female-only
violence, 16% had male-only violence, and in 55% of
couples both persons were violent. Murray Straus, Children
and Youth Services Review, 2007

Men are often injured by their wives or girlfriends.
According to a 2000 meta-analysis by John Archer,
PhD, men suffer 38% of all injuries arising from
partner aggression. But men often don’t report the
incident, so they endure their pain in silence.
As a result, the media often presents a one-sided
view of domestic violence.

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