Kendra Sunderland Demonstrates The Typical American Female Mentality..

 The Feminist “Perfect Female” Hard at WORK..

Members of the feminastie hate sect, must be celebrating and promoting this narcissistic, flesh-flasher as their NEW POSTER ‘STAR’, surely. She is the epitome of feminist doctrine, behaviour and thought processes. Sunderland shows just how easy it is to get nationwide attention by being a sexual deviant, something the feminastie sect constantly deny.

 If the guy below had of accepted the agreement, he could have been jailed as the female is NEVER guilty of procuring sex except maybe when banging underage students, that is.

Oregon State Porn Star Extends 15 Minutes Of Fame By Showing Pizza Guy Reject Her Sex Offer


No doubt well on her way to a lucrative career in some sector of the entertainment industry, the 19-year-old woman who was busted for making a lengthy pornographic video in Oregon State University’s main library has now posted a video showing herself getting rejected for sex by some pizza guy.
The star of both shows is Kendra Sunderland.
The video of Sunderland’s latest stunt is available at It is in no way safe for work.
The latest video, which drones interminably on for a couple hours, shows Sunderland talking into a webcam for a long time. She bares her breasts. A lot.
Eventually a delivery guy shows up with pizza. She opens the door with her breasts exposed. She asks him if she can provide certain sexual perks instead of the usual cash tip, according to BroBible.

For reasons only the pizza guy knows, he flatly turned her down.
Sunderland does show a fair amount of sophistication — or at least compassion — in the video by shielding the pizza guy from her camera.
The library video that made Sunderland Internet famous was allegedly filmed at Oregon State — home of the Beavers. (RELATED: Teen Porn Star Got Naked, Got Busted In Oregon State Library Video Frolic)
In that video, a pink bubble gum-blowing Sunderland smirks into a laptop on a desk with library stacks clearly visible behind her. She then reportedly flashes and clutches everything she has.
In January, police cited Sunderland, a one-time student at Oregon State, for public indecency.
She faces up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $6,000 if she is convicted.

Flashing the Flesh – Women Only

They cannot expose women for what they really are. To their moronic, child-like level of thinking, it is only EVER a male that requires and indulges in sex. Another example of their completely vacant mentality. Their denial rantings exclude the fact that females are sexual animals, lusting like everyone else.

Kendra Sunderland Site..

They get to demonstrate that while we have to pretend otherwise, when wearing everyday clothing.

Femi-sexist bigots on the one hand promoted, “slut-walk”, Femen go topless and ‘Vagina Monologues’ indicates precisely where their minds lie and it’s not above the naval for one single minute.Their entire doctrine levitates there constantly, as we are exposed to mindless, lying ‘Campus Rape’ theories as well as the group-generated, brain-numbing, delusional ‘War on Women’ make believe.

Only Women can SELL SEX..

Flashing flesh is an inalienable RIGHT that women have assumed it to be their sole right. But do not dare to complain or infer that you do not like it or worse still, don’t you DARE look at it. Looking at any female now is a ticket to prison. Women, however, can do and say whatever they like and whatever comes floating into their ether. That of itself is the biggest hypocritical fact alive.

So now we have these privileged princesses looking for an easy way to accumulate wealth; doing what the feminist cauldron, lives in complete denial of, making money selling sex.

But the strange issue about all of this is that only the individual that contracts this shameless female, will be held accountable. The female that sells the sexual favour for CASH, is completely ignored. It is akin to a Judge sentencing a lawbreaker without a victim being present or even existing. That entire saga of any female selling sex for cash (like in marriage, only that arrangement is contracted/promoted/endorsed, as completely legal, go figure).

Oregon State Porn Star Kendra Sunderland Got An Offer From And Here’s Her Acceptance Video


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