Kristen Bell (aka FROZEN) LIES about Female Income..

Frozen – a disgusting male bashing, feminist propaganda hate hit piece..

Kristen Bell (Frozen) is a lying feminist bigot.

It is a well known fact that whenever leftists or associated loonies like Kristen Bell, have to straight out LIE whenever they open their mouths as truth to leftists is an irrelevance. The well demolished and shattered argument that WOMEN make LESS than Men do is the prime example in case. One has to wonder just how STUPID Kristen Bell really is when she spouts that age old lie that the feminatrix have been endlessly lying about for a decade.

The facts are irrelevant because it ‘disturbs’ their fraudulant, lying narrative about the poor liddle woman being the endless ‘victims’ while they pretend that the facts do not exist..


Which ever way anyone looks at the so called and falsely stated Pay ‘Gap’, it is a known fallacy. Not only have books been written to completely destroy that argument, but common LAW demands that everyone is paid the same money for the same work, regardless of the fact that women take off MORE time, do inherently take off more sick days and prefer to work PART TIME, means nothing to those vacant drones. Those facts are completely irrelevant apparently as LYING is easier than telling the truth to feminatrix drones like Kristen Bell..

Ben explains a little more about these complete drones that LIE by ignoring the facts as they stand. In some cities, women are making MORE than Men do in the same work. How is that for sexism, but don’t you dare point that out, either..

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