Let’s just IGNORE female PEDOPHILES (female Teachers)..

When is a pedophile NOT a pedophile ? When it’s a WOMAN..

Women are NOT Pedophiles, they are only “VICTIMS”.

The feminatrix have declared that the privileged princess gender has to be classed as being in a completely different class of CRIMINAL. Not only do those PP’s(see above) receive every possible advantage in society, but, they are even given free license to SEXUALLY ABUSE anyone they PREY on.

The double standard excuse that the feminatrix uses is that the only reason (that is the female perpetrator) is in some level of being the “REAL”, self-assumed “victim”. Which supposedly sets them apart, they are “different”, although the end result is identical. SHE suffers from all those imaginary issues that the feminatrix have conjured up as excuses to behave in any way they see fit.

However, change the sex, and we have a full blown hysterical kangaroo court event, with relentless wailing for the perpetrator to be drawn & quartered, hung by the entrails, buried up to the neck while sticking hot pokers into their eyeballs, even when not guilty by the confession and word of another LYING female.

But not these women though.

They must be excused from any and all accountability..

Although A pedophile by any other name is STILL a pedophile..

Read excuses in this BBC feminatrix justification propaganda article..

Are there women paedophiles?

WOMEN are always BLAMELESS regardless of what crime they commit or how many lives they destroy. It just does not matter. Causing pain and suffering is only what the other sex does, apparently, NEVER a woman.

When is a pedophile NOT a PEDOPHILE ?
When it’s a WOMAN..

This week’s Female Pedophile is –  Step forward Sandra Mayfield..

Cops: 51-YEAR-OLD Female Teacher Traumatized 17-Year-Old Male Student With Oral Sex Romp.

This week’s fiftysomething female high school teacher facing a preliminary hearing for allegedly providing oral sex to a 17-year-old male teen during a big night on the town is Sandra Mayfield.

Her first court date is set for July 28, reports The Norman Transcript.

In an affidavit, local police explain that the teen, who attends Moore High, was a willing participant in the oral sex he received. Nevertheless, the charge against Mayfield is forcible sodomy.The incident leading to Mayfield’s arrest occurred back in February. Mayfield and her 17-year-old paramour were ensconced in the backseat of Mayfield’s vehicle at a city park in Moore when the excitement happened, police say.

Before that, the teen apparently told police, the star-crossed pair drove around Moore and Oklahoma City — a lot.
“They met at a business here in Moore, drove around in Oklahoma City, made a few stops, ended up late that night at a park here in Moore — Buck Thomas Park — where she performed oral sex on the 17-year-old,” Moore police spokesman Jeremy Lewis told local NBC affiliate KFOR-TV.
Multiple security cameras caught Mayfield and the teen hugging and kissing at various locales in the Oklahoma City area as well, police say.
“There was surveillance in Oklahoma City that showed them together kissing. That was proof that they were everywhere, pretty much everything he gave us checked out,” Lewis told KFOR.
Officials with the Moore Public School District responded to the charges by placing Mayfield on administrative leave and banned her from the campus.
It’s not clear if the leave is paid or unpaid.
“Obviously, we are not pleased that it involved a teacher and one of her students,” school district spokesman Dustin Horstkoetter said in a statement obtained by the Norman Transcript.
Police began their investigation after a campus cop at Moore High received a tip.

The charge of forcible sodomy is Mayfield’s first brush with the law.

Oklahoma is something of a hothouse for teacher-sex stories.

In May, for example, 29-year-old high school English teacher Katie Wilmott was arrested on charges of having Christmas break sex with a 17-year-old male teenager. (RELATED: Married Female Teacher Traumatized 17-Year-Old Male Teen With Festive Holiday Sex Romp, Cops Say)

Last year, Daresa Deann Poe, a 32-year-old home economics teacher at Waynoka High School was busted for having sex with a male student — twice — right there in the teachers’ lounge. (RELATED: Female Teacher Victimizes Male High Schooler With Teachers’ Lounge Sex Trauma)
In 2014, Kalyn Thompson, a first-year high school English teacher at tiny Kellyville High School, was charged with charged with second-degree rape for allegedly having a series of sexual escapades with one of her male students. Police say the Thompson gave the unidentified student a stellar, 98-percent, straight ‘A’ grade after their relationship took off. He had been flunking English just the semester before. (RELATED: Cops Say Rural Oklahoma Teacher Gave Flunking Student 98 Percent After A Bunch Of Sex)
The teenager was 18 at the time of the hanky-panky. Investigators know of at least two rendezvous between the young lovers — one beside a lake and the other at the fancy-sounding Renaissance Hotel over in Tulsa.

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