Men Should be Able to Protect themselves AGAINST Violent, Physically Abusive WOMEN..

WHY can Men NOT Defend themselves against VIOLENT Women?

It is the standard response from white knights and neurotic feminists that Men should just allow themselves to be abused and smacked around by any bitch that feels it should.

Now that the Harvard Study of Domestic Violence has proven and clearly demonstrated that female are MORE physically abusive than Men ever were. Not only do the majority of white knights fail to even remotely comprehend that fact but in reality, feminists should be proclaiming that very action from the rooftops. Otherwise they will be shown to be the shallow, neurotic, hypocrites they have steadily demonstrated themselves to be, again..

Limp Wristed White Knightery.

A few examples comes to mind. Where the ABUSIVE female is granted immunity from ANY questioning about any violence that they have dished out, but then get to make lying claims about what happened to her, there is something severely biased about that setup and outcome.

Women EXCUSED From Being Violence, DAILY.

Watch the video on this particular topic and make up your own mind. Do you just let the bitch smack you silly or do have the right to stand up for yourself. The answer is easy but it just does not apply in any situation right now. You LAY ONE FINGER on ANY female and YOU will be JAILED while the female just walks FREE even though SHE STARTED IT.

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