Menopause And Sex Do Mix!

Menopause marks the end of the fertile period for women. The ovaries stop producing eggs and releasing hormones, mainly estrogen. This transition is gradual and progressive and takes several years to finally put an end to the reproductive period. Though being a natural process in women’s life, menopause causes significant changes in their physical and emotional state. This condition affects many areas of women activity and needs to be understood well. How these changes reflect on women sexuality? Are sex and menopause compatible?

To answer these questions we have to bear in mind that the lower estrogen production influences the ladies physically. These effects can be softened, but not completely overcome. Menopause causes the so called vaginal atrophy, which is manifested in thinning the membrane layers of the vulva, vagina and the urinary track, together with loss in elasticity of all genital areas. The lower blood flow to these areas decreases their sensitivity and affects vaginal lubrication. All these physical alterations reduce the ability to get aroused and can make the sexual intercourse unpleasant or even painful. This however can be manageable by using water-soluble lubricants or vaginal moisturizers. Bladder control problems, urinary and vaginal infections that women are susceptible during the menopause period can also decrease the sexual comfort, hence the interest in sex. These conditions can be manageable, but still provoke sexual dislikes.

Sex and menopause can collide with regard to the psychological issue so common during this period. Depressed, tired, irritable and sleepy women do not have sexual drive and experience difficulties reaching orgasm. How to mild are these symptoms? It is still not fully researched, but a hormone therapy may help to boost the women libido. Professional counseling for sexual dysfunctions is also an option, though such issues are difficult to display and discuss. To improve the physical and psychological comfort during sex, you can apply different sorts of relaxation and stimulation techniques such as erotic videos and books, erotic fantasies, masturbation, music, etc. Intensify the foreplay with petting, sensual massage or oral sex. All this will relax and boost the sex drive of your female partner. With physical discomfort and pain you can deal by choosing the best penetration position. Use also vaginal lubricants to avoid any pain caused by rubbing.

Sex and menopause can co-exist. Though menopause provokes some sexual issues, it does not eliminate the desire for sex. Life continues beyond this period and sex remains an enjoyable part of it. Visit here for more info.