MEN’S CLUBS : The Way Forward for Men to Congregate Together and Grow.

Men’s Clubs Destroyed by Feminists.

It was the case that in the past, Men’s Clubs existed and they were great meeting places to meet like minded Men and share, discuss, joke around and have a great time sharing tales and stories while listening to the great exploits of different, guest speakers of interest, Men that had fulfilled their aims in life. Guest speakers were encouraged.

I attended one of those Men’s Clubs and Women were completely BANNED. No females whatsoever, not even a female barkeeper or maid, with no exception. Every position was held by a MALE. The atmosphere and camaraderie was exemplary and completely enjoyable. There were NO women to halt or stilt the conversation or behaviour. Anyone could say whatever they wanted with no limits at all.

Standards were maintained.

The standards for behaviour were set out. One had to be on good behaviour and no one was able to join unless they were personally guaranteed by another member and be of good standing. Then the individual was interviewed, casually, just to make sure that their reason for joining was established. Married and Single (MGTOW) Men were allowed to be members but they could NEVER bring their wives as that would guarantee a BAN from the premises and their membership would be cancelled.

What does this type of club do? 

The club premises had several meeting rooms, a bar area where reduced cost drinks were available. A membership fee was paid yearly, which in turn employed staff, covered costs and paid for the premises There were professional standard eight ball and snooker tables (4 in total, of the highest quality available). There was a quite ambience, low lighting with the murmur of conversation that one hears without the high pitch voices of any females. It was just a great environment to spend a few hours.

It benefited Men. Which is why it had to be destroyed.

The club gave every member a great sense of belonging. The club was never discussed with anyone outside the club house. No outsider was permitted or allowed to attend unless a member could guarantee the behaviour of the GUEST. This particular club had existed for over a hundred years. But now it is gone to the wayside, as those toxic, nasty females shut it down. The club was coerced into allowing ‘women’, but that was it’s death knell. Men wanted a place where they did not have to put up with the opposite sex while enjoying a quite night either conversing, listening to someone speak or just sitting by the fire enjoying a quite, relaxing night out. Just relaxing or even reading quietly by the fire in a nice comfortable chair, sipping one’s favourite tipple and forgetting about the hassles outside the walls.

Religion and politics was also banned for obvious reasons. The setup was purely to enjoy the company of other Men or to quietly contemplate the never considered. It was a haven of peace and tranquility. One that is sadly missing in today’s age.

One wonders if we should be seeking it’s return,, for sanity sake.

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