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Last Man Standing.

It has been well explained over the years, that one’s life is subject to various pressures as one gets older. One example of that pressure increasing exponentially, is when any Man has a ‘relationship’ with a member of the opposite sex.

Usually, as well as normally, SHE will determine YOUR life by intruding it with HER priorities. And that is when the problems begin, in a huge and un-calculated ways..

You could hook-up with an absolute ‘Angel’, yep, they are RARE,  but they do exist. Let us assume, you actually found one. Unfortunately, the majority of females are just downright self-serving arseholes. You are so fortunate. You are, partnered up with it because she has already applied that collective hive-minded mentality. You have passed the initial assessment. That one she uses by ‘assessing’ your potential as being a possible ‘provider’, that SHE can USE to what SHE wants to do in the future.

Your Goals, Dreams …pffftttt…

Your interpretation of that relationship will be that she will help you achieve your goals and preferred outcomes. HER interpretation of the relationship is completely different. This is her opportunity to spawn at the very first opportunity.. THAT is her sole purpose, that is HER sole aim. That is the only reason why she has gone along for the ride. Her sole intention is to spawn without so much as giving any consideration to the effect it will have on all your dreams, aims and goals.

When the first one arrives, SHE is that elated, that enthralled with the newly brewed clone that you will take third place for the next 16 years. She has now placed her entire reason for existing to the new mini-me. That any action or activity that you want to undertake will only register that far down the list as to be absent without leave (AWOL).

You may be educating yourself for some future position, one that you feel will get you places. Regardless of what that may be. You can forget taking time away from that due to the distraction that are forced onto you. You will be coerced, ever so nicely, to believe that you have some actual relevance in that ‘bonding’. Your time, money and effort will have to be solely invested in keeping the spawnstar and spawn in comfort.

This is now YOUR priority. You can kiss goodbye to your studies, to your friends and to your ambitions because now, you are a daddy, the sole supporter of TWO people with varying degrees of “I want it NOW”. The ‘spawnee’ needs constant care and attention. Copious amounts of dollars spent on it’s needs, which the SPAWNSTAR will ensure. Every last dollar you manage to scrape in, is spent in that area.

From cradle, pram, car seat, bassinet to booties, bottles and little dangly things hanging from the ceiling, nappies -either cloth or paper and of course those endless ‘parties’ to show off the new member of the population to her friends and family while you can kiss goodbye to ALL your friends.

Your Friends ALL disappear.

Meanwhile and it is not something that you will notice at first. ALL the things that you hold dear will end up in the garage. Everything that made your life what it was will disappear while SHE just keeps on with hers as if nothing had changed and nothing had happened. HER “friends’ of hive-minded women will all flock to every occasion that the Spawnstar organises while YOUR presence is not even required. You really are not even there, you now become a non-entity, because she has achieved what it was she has dreamed about, from when she reached puberty.

The LAST Man’s Wish has just arrived and you are willingly going to participate because you actually believe that this woman has ‘feelings’ for YOU, think AGAIN..

You are now on the treadmill that has NO ESCAPE..

If you kid yourself about this outcome, go and ask all those DADS now in prison because they dared to think that they could make a run for it. You will be hauled back, kicking and screaming, to do HER bidding. Your life is now OVER. All those dreams you once had about being successful, having a great career, is over, gone, finished.. And all because you transferred DNA to that Spawnstar without thinking about the consequences.

Now you have plenty of time to think about it as you look out of those barred windows and you can hear life going along outside. Don’t say you were not warned. Once the Spawnstar has that ‘BABY’, you are now the sole SLAVE and YOU will be THAT SLAVE until that time expires. Until SHE decides it over..

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