Michelle Obama = MICHAEL Obama : Joan Rivers “She’s a DRAG QUEEN”..

Tranvsestite Michelle Obama – BIG shoulders, Big hands, BIG muscles, Big FRAME, and an adam’s apple in full view..

Michelle Obama – Exposed by Joan Rivers as a ‘DRAG QUEEN”. Is now beyond DOUBT, it is actually TRUE..

Oh oh, CJ has lost it, one may assume. But see the facts as they have become undeniable..

See the information and then tell me it’s a dream!

Okay, bare with me on this one. It will show itself to be completely true that Michelle Obama ain’t no female at all. Michelle Obama is actually a transvestite, a drag queen, a chick with a dick. Which of course means that SL-Obama is actually GAY. Joan Rivers was onto something after all..

Scientific proportions of males and females – FACT.

It took me by surprise as well. But, after seeing these THREE videos, one had to re-adjust one’s thinking paradigm to allow the FACTS to clearly demonstrate just how true this really is. The FACTS shows this to be TRUE.

Women have a shoulder width of 2.5 times their head.

The first video is from an personal account by one of Obama’s boyfriends that he met back in 1999. Here is a statement from that individual about the deliance he had with Obama. Remember JOAN RIVERS’ comments before her death that Michelle Obama was a drag queen ?

Men have a shoulder width 3 times the head.

The same build, big hands like a male, big shoulders like a male..
Shoulder width is the same as a MALE..

WELL, it’s reality..

What is he hiding behind that dress ?

When I first heard that comment by Rivers, I thought she was joking as well..

So we have this lad confessing that he had a relationship with Obama while Obama was snorting COKE. Absolutely amazing. Not only did the world’s greatest wimp snort the stuff, he was a supplier as well. Typical sick, depraved, leftist, lunatics, never seem able to amaze anyone anymore. The level of depravity is all they have..

PROOF Michelle Obama Is A TRANNY!!?? 2016 YOU DECIDE!!

The above video shows the differences between the sexes. Males have a shoulder width “three times the width of the HEAD, this is a proven FACT. Women have a shoulder width 2.5 times the size of the head. ALso, women do NOT have a visible ‘adam’s apple’. also a FACT.
Men and Women have differing size fingers. Female hands are NOT the same as Men’s hands. Muscular differences are obvious between Men and Women (see Serena Williams, another questionable ‘Woman’.)..

And there’s MORE..

Michelle Penis Was Big On Ellen Show

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