Mid Summer Murder : Delivering Feminist Trash and the Faux Feminist Female Ego..

Mega bitch principal (of course)

Mid Summer Murder: Is NOW just CRASS feminised Propaganda.

One thing that can be stated is that those nasty pieces of feminist trash are heavily forcing through their sheer nastiness into the entertainment media and have done so for last decade. But in Mid Summer Murder, the current ‘new’ version, is that loaded with that nastiness as to make it unwatchable for any normal male, marinas excepted of course (they are just “pretend” females).

That program now projects the “Perfect female” agenda while all males on the program are just a bunch of dithering plods with the brain capacity of a snail. While all the females without fail, are the perception of everything that nasty delusional feminists perceive themselves to be.

Female Actresses Cannot Help But BRAG..

Last year some minor female actress could not keep herself from boasting about having input into scripts about her own interpretation of that feminist hate movement’s mindless male-bashing concepts. As far as they are concerned, all males are superfluous and only females are ‘real’ people.

Their endless assault on everything male can now be witnessed throughout the entire entertainment media while they wonder “WHERE have ALL the Male Viewers Gone”?

Where Have All the Male Viewers Gone ?

Those mindless clones from that hate movement are completely indifferent to audiences or income, or even bother representing any realistic facts, as long as they can Male-BASH at any and every opportunity. The obvious response to their sheer nastiness, complete callousness and self-promoting hyperbole is to not watch any of their drivel and that is exactly what has happened.

The Male Plods Stumbling Through another Episode.

Those cretins are too stupid to realise that smearing and maligning men and boys on big screens is just a major turn off just like that new version of Mid Summer Murder is now. It was once a program well worth catching but now it is just another feminist propaganda program to boost the female ego by smearing men at any and every opportunity. It is now just another sickening “Female Boasting” program that is as interesting as watching another feminist rage fest on the streets as they screech and wallow in their own self-appointed victimhood status.

That program was once a joy to watch when John Nettles was Barnaby, but not now. I will personally not watch another episode of that moronic nastiness and hopefully, it will get tossed just as other similar programs have as soon as the public realise just what useless nasty trash it really is and how those trash feminists have actual input into those scripts just to push their own agenda. It use to be about entertainment. Now it’s all crass, feminised propaganda.

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