MORE Entitlement/Passes for Privileged Women..

Cocaine Drug Runner – More Women Breaking the LAW. Well DONE feminsts..


It has been the case that ever since those moronic feminists began spewing their venom, females were actually forced to behave more like men. Those STUPID women made changes to their attire, you know, like wearing padded, wide shoulder jackets, cutting their hair short like dubious lesbians, talking in a lower voice than they were born with, all in the delusional effort of imitating Men.

Study: When Women’s Voices Are Disguised As Men’s, They Do WORSE In Tech Interviews

A relatively unknown startup “” conducted a study that reveals that women who’s voices were disguised as men’s actually did worse in the employment process.

If Women were any more FAKE, their sex will cease to exist.

The end result is that you now have the complete FRAUD. If it is possible for women to be anything else, that is. When one considers the way they normally look, with the total do-over from surgically redesigned feet, ankles, knees, thighs, designer vaginas, reshaped arses, limpo-sucked stomachs, stomach-stapling surgery, enhanced boobs, reshaped mouths, lips, cheeks, eyes, ears, as well as many other “enhancements” too numerous to mention here.

Transgender Soldiers To Face Lower Fitness Tests

Under the Pentagon’s new transgender policy announced on Thursday, male soldiers who “legally transition” to female will only have to pass the fitness standards for female soldiers, which are far less physically demanding.

Not only are WOMEN given a FREE ride but also those imitation woMEN.

So in order to copy men while already indulging in massive body reconstructions, one could almost state that they may even be improving themselves by doing so. Admittedly, the lads do indulge in some of those efforts but definitely not at the same level that women do. It demonstrates to me just how completely screwed up they have become. Being a “normal” female these days is apparently a completely rare commodity.

“Normal” Women are A Rare Commodity.

That very same stupidity has been transferred to the US Army, as the marxist drone and racist, sexist bigot Obama sets about to destroy the US forces and make it a completely inept, useless camp of delusional narcissists. One that promotes leftist PC at any and every opportunity while other armies around the world bolster their armies infinitum. See the contradiction there. When push comes to shove, the world’s worst ever White House occupier wants the US to FAIL and crumble into an all mighty heap.

The introduction of lax standards for WOMEN and WEIRDOS ONLY ensures that aim is met without so much as a whimper in opposition.

Meanwhile BLACK Women are doing what they have always done..

Demonstrating just what animalistic level they have reverted back to..

Some Chick Getting Her Hair Ripped Off Was The LEAST CRAZY Part Of This Fight [VIDEO]

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