More Positive PROOF that FEMINISTS are Compulsive LIARS..

Feminists are Nothing More than Compulsive LIARS.

Delusional feminists are just that, completely, irrationally, delusioned. But, they prefer to stay that way. Even femi-cretin and compulsive LIAR Jessica Valenti preferred to be seen as a compulsive delusional LIAR, rather than just admitting and confessing that that “Mass RAPE Fraud” case was generated by another member of that very same delusional sect that it is a paid up member of.

n December, the Guardian‘s Jessica Valenti wrote: 
I choose to believe Jackie. I lose nothing by doing so, even if I’m later proven wrong – but at least I will still be able to sleep at night for having stood by a young woman who may have been through an awful trauma. 

Valenti would just love to believe it, as she would make hay while the sunshines; on their fraudulent claims about some imaginary “Campus Rape Culture”.

Vale demonstrates just what a complete moron she really is by making this statement below. Feminist Valenti prefer to live in their own carefully structured sphere of complete ignorance, bias and narcissism. It clearly shows just how delusional feminists like her are and also how much they avoid having to deal with any truth or fact or anything that might change their tunnel-visioned, anal, moronity.


May, but by all available evidence did not. A Columbia School of Journalism investigation, invited by Rolling Stone, has now found the story to be so massively flawed that it should never have been published. The word “failure” is repeated 24 times in Rolling Stone‘s damning publication of the Columbia School of Journalism’s report. Valenti’s response: 

It wasn’t Jackie’s job to get the details of her rape correct. It was Rolling Stone’s. 
The most important detail, determinedly ignored by Valenti, seems to be that “Jackie” wasn’t raped.

A Culture that feminists have dreamed up in order to shame and exclude male students from every campus and college. That is their wish. Also to introduce draconian laws, the likes of which can only be seen in communist countries and not a free democratic republic that the US is supposed to be.

That TRASH Promoting Rolling Stones Magazine wallowing in it’s own wast..

UVA Students Challenging Rolling Stones.

Rolling Stones NEVER asked UVA Anything..

Feminist reaction to Emily Yoffe’s article on campus rape hysteria

Feminism – A Religious, Liars, SECT.

Feminist Sect – A group of delusional, religious, compulsive, Liars.

Naming feminism a sect is much more specific as they constantly live the life of religious followers of a doctrine that is so marred, delusional and completely devoid of facts, that no other term is really relevant or even more appropriate. Secondly, they also promote the communist idealism and that is the clincher.

Feminists have been lying for the past 40 odd years and they are still at it. But, this time they have been trained in the “Art of Lying” by leading delusional academics that have not only lived the lie but now even teach those same lies on a daily basis in those “Women Studies” courses.

What level of complete, utter and total moronity does any female have to possess to ‘learn’ those compulsive lies in order to equip itself for some future career ?

Since when did a career based solely on a manufactured false doctrine, that cannot withstand any discussion or argument, be the bases of one’s life. Where does that complete stupidity come from ?

Those very same delusionalists have been making the same “Campus RAPE”  claim over and over again without a single fact or even putting forward a single believable argument or put forward a single credible female (believable or credible being – NOT a lying feminist) that has witnessed or endured that “campus Rape” ?

Where are those THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of Women that have supposedly suffered, WHERE ?

Those cannot produce them because they do not exist. It is as simple as that. They are just liars and they have been roundly exposed for what they really are. That description does not come under anything human. They do not even warrant that label.

They are just TRASH, waste. Putrid by-products from a noxious process.

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